4 Ways to Learn about Internet Security


For most of us, the internet has cemented itself in everyday life. In under just 50 years the internet has gone from a single research network for scientists to a world-wide web of networks.

This has seen a wealth of information become available right at our fingertips. Unlimited hours of information and entertainment in its many forms can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, limited only by the battery on their smartphone.

What this has also seen however, is the increased risk of the theft of information. The internet facilitates a huge amount of transactions every day including communication, shopping, financial and entertainment services. With so much information shooting along the information superhighway, privacy and security is a common concern among individuals and businesses alike.

While the internet is secure for the most part, it can be compromised and threats from malware, hackers and other malicious sources are present. Therefore, it’s important to have at least a basic understanding of internet security in order to protect the personal information you share online. Similarly, it’s in a business’s best interest to understand how they can protect their websites and other online properties. So, what ways can you learn about internet security?

Online Resources 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of the best places to learn about internet security is on the internet itself. With so much information just a few keystrokes or taps away, you can learn much about internet security, even if it’s just the basics.

You can find many quality Youtube channels that are dedicated to providing their viewers with top quality internet security information. Channels like CBT Nuggets provide practical hands-on information on internet security, updates on the latest products as well as the best practices within the industry.

The internet is one of the best places to start learning more about internet security.


You can also use the internet to search for popular books written by respected industry professionals, and of course, there’s your local library. There’s a range of related books on the subject, from practical hacking strategies to books on reclaiming our cyber security.


While watching Youtube videos and reading reputable internet security books is a great place to start learning the basics, you may want to become more seriously involved with internet security.

Getting a career within the industry will generally require you to have a certification of some kind. In addition to this you will need to know the basics, understand the terminology, the operating systems, tools and protocols involved with internet security.

For example, you can get a graduate certificate in information technology online, with education providers like Upskilled. Being certified will help you ensure employers that you have the knowledge and skills for such a role.

Industry blogs 

Blogs are another by-product of the internet and many well-known internet security professionals, like Richard Bejtlich, and businesses, like WhiteHat Security Blog, run informative blogs. Network security blogs discuss industry trends, security breaches and look at products and procedures that occur within the industry.

These blogs are written by industry professionals with industry language and examples. This means, that for the most part, industry blogs aren’t the best place for beginners looking to get into internet security. For those with some prior knowledge however, industry blogs can provide insightful and relevant information.

On the job

While learning about internet security is important, watching Youtube videos, reading books, and even taking a course won’t provide you with the knowledge you can get from practical experience.

If you can get certified, the most effective way to continue your learning is to get a job in a related field. Careers in this field can see you work as a cyber security specialist, a consultant, analyst or even an ethical hacker.

Internet security, and understanding the basics, should be something that everyone who uses the internet should consider. Information is constantly shared online and it’s important that we know how to keep it private and secure. To learn about internet security, explore the internet and watch videos to grasp the basics. From there you can better protect your information or even work towards a career, and become a certified internet security specialist.

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