5 Things To Know About Sailing in San Diego Harbor


Do you want to learn to sail? San Diego is the perfect location to get started. In addition to its location near known whale migration sites, San Diego has many other things to offer the beginning, novice or expert seaman. Here are five things you should know about sailing in this gorgeous harbor.

1. Whale Sightings

Whale sightings are a common occurrence in the San Diego harbor, especially during early spring when calves are active and pods are heading to Mexico. Before you go, make sure you read regulations about how to behave around whale pods. If you get too close, you could get in trouble. You should also expect to share the whale-friendly waters with friendly sightseeing tours San Diego.

2. Navigation Hazards

San Diego harbor has its fair share of hazards you should know about before you set sail. At the San Diego Bay entrance, you need to watch for thick kelp beds that can get snagged in engine intakes. There is also a submerged jetty to the east of the San Diego Bay channel that travels about two miles offshore. At low tide you can easily see the rocks jutting up, but at high tide they can be easily missed.

Over near Shelter Island’s entrance, there are shoaling waters. It’s important to follow the marked channel which has a red buoy located about 500 yards from the beach.

In addition to these hazards, there are also several others you should know about before sailing in and around San Diego harbor. You m ay wish to book a private bout tour San Diego to learn more about the area, its landmarks and hazards.

3. Towing Services

Should you ever get stuck while sailing the harbor, there are towing services available. Print a list of nearby towing services before you head out on your sailboat. The U.S. Coast Guard’s Local Notice to Mariners can keep you apprised of all issues to boaters so you can hopefully avoid getting stranded.

4. Weather Information

It’s rare to run into inclement weather while in San Diego. The average number of sunny days each year is 300, with the average temperature resting at a comfortable 70 degrees. That means there is no bad time of year to go sailing in San Diego harbor. Even the dead of winter will welcome you with beautiful waters and mild temperatures. Wind is consistent, which is the ideal situation for sailing.

5. Things To Do

There are a wide variety of things to do in San Diego besides sailing. In addition to spending plenty of time on the water, you’ll also want to have fun on dry land. Wild Animal Park and San Diego Zoo are two popular destinations for those who love to see wildlife. Sea World is also a big attraction for families with or without children. Don’t forget to spend your evenings checking out the local nightclubs, live music venues and craft breweries.

Sailing in San Diego harbor is a remarkable experience. Do it once and you’ll want to come back year after year to enjoy the pristine water, beautiful weather and plentiful wildlife.

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