7 Ways to Send and Receive Payment on Internet


Online payments have come a long way, becoming more and more popular for a wide variety of reasons of late.

Online transactions are often avoided for being insecure and potentially unsafe because it was difficult to judge the security of a website and be assured about the products guaranteed.

The rise of payment gateways and e wallets have not only increased convenience but also put doubts and worries to rest.

Additionally, they offer convenience by acting as an electronic wallet to allow small chores and errands such as mobile recharge, DTH payment, electrical and gas bills as well as other utilities to be paid for much easily.

But which sites are truly the most reliable and user friendly? Here’s the list below to help you find the perfect e wallet and Internet transaction aid for you!



Paytm is one of the best electronic wallet services in India as it not only allows a safe and secure transaction but also lets you make easy payments for mobile recharges and utilities bill payments such as gas and electricity, DTH payments and even payment for online shopping sites.

You can easily send & receive payments to any Paytm user with just a single click. It does not take more than 1 minute to send or receive the payment.

The service is also secure, scam free and keeps fraudulent and suspicious accounts at bay to ensure a secure network for all users and their funds.



PayPal is my favorite payment gateway from the last 10 years & so for everyone. Paypal offers multiple pathways and options to send and receive payments including cheque which is quite extraordinary.

It eases money transfer to your bank account or to other users and allows you to send and receive international payments as well. There are no monthly fees or cancellations that you have to deal with, all charges are on a per transaction basis.

The website is very secure and you do not have the worry of being scammed or encountering fraudulence. PayPal is free to join & if you are from India, you can find this detailed guide on MoneyConnexion to create an account..

It may be a little difficult to use at first due to the inability to communicate with a live customer care consultant regarding any issues that need immediate attention and resolution and such issues may take up to 6 months to be resolved.

All decisions made by PayPal regarding such issues are deemed final as well.



Payza was previously known as Alertpay which allows you to send and receive money from over 190 countries across 21 different currencies.

Their key acceptance is in United States and Canada but they support international banks and recognized credit cards and debit cards across the globe.

There was a great demand for Payza in India when PayPal started giving trouble due to stupid rules from Indian government.

You may add money to your account on Payza through bank transfer, credit card or funds from other users. Payza accounts are free and the cost of fund transfer is kept pretty low given the security and convenience it offers to make transactions easy and fuss free.



Bitcoin was launched in 2009 and has made its way up a pretty long ladder. It’s key features include using military grade security in the transactions it oversees, conducting payment processes through a private network of computers to maintain your privacy and prevent public records of customer details and not having government, bank or central euphoria you affiliation.

Bitcoin protects your identity as much as it protects your funds and does not permit access to your information and details. You do not have to provide credit card details.

It allows sending and receiving payments at very low to no costs and foreign transactions evade international fees, levies and charges. Transactions, however are irreversible as there is no liability protection and its acceptance is still building and budding worldwide.



Skrill was previously known as Moneybookers and is a pretty good alternative to PayPal. It allows you to send and receive online payment and also shop online.

Users usually have to manage their funds and send and receive money to other users through their email addresses. The recipients may choose to encash the received amount by withdrawing it from a debit card, credit card or a bank account.

The key appeal of skrill would be the fact that you can instantly withdraw your received amount from your bank account which means that fund transfer is fast and efficient.

Skrill’s commission is also relatively low and competitive compared to other merchants. It is available internationally across a span of over 200 countries and 40 different currencies.

Google Wallet


Google wallet is a pretty recently discovered way of making online transactions. One of the disadvantages or temporary setback would be the fact that it is currently only available in the United States.

Google wallet’s features include not only easy online transactions done with just a tap but also storage of debit cards, credit cards, gift cards and loyalty cards in a single digital wallet to ensure that you maximize your usage of points and coupons from various stores and save as you spend.

It also ensures that you reap the rewards of all you various loyalty cards and programs. Sending and receiving money to and from relatives is much easier using just their gmail address.

Additionally, it is monitored for fraud 24/7 and you are covered by purchase protection to avoid falling prey to any scams or frauds.



Payoneer is the best choice for users sending and receiving remuneration across countries such as professionals and free lancers as well as work from home individuals working remotely from their companies.

It allows payments to be made and received from any part of the world and users may receive their funds in 2 ways; either through their local or global bank transfer or their Payoneer reloadable credit cards.

It is available in over 200 countries in over 100 different currencies and has a pretty large acceptance. Their credit card rent is quite significant though, so it may not be advisable for successive transfers of small amounts.

With the rise of work from home individuals as well as the online shopping trend catching on, Internet transactions are needed now than ever before. You can Create professional estimates and invoices on the go at JobFLEX invoicing app.

Give the rampant happenings of phishing scams and impersonation as well as identity theft and related cyber crimes, such websites help to restore faith and convening to hassle-free and clean online transactions, receiving and sending payments through the Internet.

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