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Arabic Mehndi Designs- Best Mehendi Designs of 2015


Mehndi is an integral part of bridal make-up even in modern times though the tradition of Mehndi or Henna is over 5000 years old. Varieties of patterns or style are followed in the art of Mehndi i.e. traditional Indian, Arabic, Pakistani and African. Beside the traditional Indian designs, Arabic Mehndi designs are most adapted and also popular in India and Pakistan to celebrate festivals, parties and wedding occasions. The origin of Arabic Mehndi Designs was in Arab country but gradually it became popular in Asian countries like India and Pakistan. Previously, we shared a big collection of mehndi designs for hands which provides few more ideas about the mehendi designs. Even, you can go though the beauty section of our website for more ideas and samples.

Arabic Mehndi designs are generally applied with black and dark brown colored Mehndi using loud or bold floral motifs and vines or creepers and applied in a way that do not cover the palms and fingers completely. They contrast Indian Patterns which use minute or finer and detailed designs and covers the palms completely leaving no space bare. But sometimes red colored or dark browned colored Mehndi is also used as Arabic Mehndi Designs. Thus, the Arabic Mehndi Designs in India are fusion of two cultures and comprises the art of Arabic Mehndi with some tints of Traditional Indian Designs.

arabic mehndi

We bring here some of the best Arabic Mehndi Designs which are very simple unlike the traditional ones. Also the features of Arabic Mehndi Designs are elaborated along with the designs which will highlight the simplicity of this pattern over the Indian and African patterns. Make sure you also check some of the most inspiring mehndi designs

we provided before.

Patterns and Features of Arabic Mehndi Designs 2015

For a simplicity, we have restricted ourselves to few popular designs only. Mehndi designs for hands and feet are also covered in case, if you wish to go for more awesome ideas. The Arabic mehndi designs 2015 covers all the latest patterns that are popular in the world.

  1. Arabic Mehndi Designs do not cover the full palms with trifling and minute designs. Instead, it uses flowers, leaves and vines to decorate the palms with spiral patterns of designs leaving some free space on the palms. But the spiral pattern stretches over the wrists and the arms very beautifully. Obviously Arabic Mehndi Designs are less intricate and simple compared to the others due to its free flowing pattern. They mostly use floral patterns with small dotted patterns.

arabic mehndi design

  1. Arabic Mehndi Designs use Scattered Patterns and do not look messy in spite of thick lines and are easy to apply instantly for any occasion to decorate the hands easily with prominent but neat designs. Those who do not like the hands fully covered with very intricate designs can use this pattern.

arabic mehendi design

  1. Use of external additives and colors are the unique of the Arabic style mehndis. Arabic Mehndis are further decorated with golden and silver glitters, colored beads, radium stickers and colored diamonds to give it a modern touch and sunnier look. One style is to emboss the outlines of the designs with the glitters or colors other than the color of the design.
    arabic mehendi design 2015
  2. Arabic Mehndi Designs are also used specially to decorate the back of the palms and the wrists by using floral motifs. This pattern looks very simple as well as pretty for the fingers and the back of the palms.

arabic mehndi design 2015

The lace like design over the wrist gives an ornamental look to the wrists and is best for party occasions when you do not want to put accessories like bangles or bracelets.

Such stylish Arabic Design which leaves bare space on your hands very intelligently, highlights the beauty of your hands and is considered more bold and modern and moreover it gives a glamorous look to your hands for occasions like parties. This design looks very beautiful over the intricate designs though less space and material (Mehndi) is used.

mehendi design

The intelligent less use of space sometimes create a special impact and makes the design look novel. Here the large flowers and more space give hands a trendy look. The finger tips are decorated with bit finer mesh like design to contrast the loud floral design.

arabic mehendi design for hands

  1. Except Palms and Back of the hands, feet are also decorated in its unique way of using minimum floral designs giving the feet a graceful look.

arabic mehndi design foot

arabic mehndi on foot

The use of embellishments in the feet gives an excellent bridal look to the feet.

Though the Arabic Mehndi Designs were initially popular among Muslim girls to mark the festival of Eid, it is now popular among all and has acquired a status of modern design over a period of time. Arabic designs are also becoming popular as part of modern or western bridal make up. The popularity of Arabic Mehndi Designs reins over casual occasions such as parties and festivals is due to their simplicity of time saving patterns as well as over grand celebration like wedding due to their lavish use of glitters and vibrant colored embellishments. Hope you like our collection of these Arabic Mehndi Designs and it will meet your expectations. Feel free to share your views on the post in the comment section given below.

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  1. Super collection. I love arabic mehndi design. I would prefer for this design coz its easy and also gives chic look. And also takes no time.

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