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Bridal Mehndi Designs: Best Mehndi Collection for Hands and Leg


We introduce you to some stunning Bridal Mehndi Designs to deck up your hands for the grand occasion of wedding. Indian culture has a tradition of lavish weddings and they are quite elaborate and rich with various rituals. Wedding ceremonies are considered the most grand celebration and calls for perfection and extravagance in all its aspects. Any Indian wedding is incomplete without Mehndi function. Previously, we shared a very inspiring collection of mehndi designs for women. Not only for bride but the women folk participating wedding ceremonies also adorn their hands or leg. However, Mehndi holds its significance especially for the Bride as it is considered very auspicious for the Bride and a symbol of good luck for her. As a bride you would like your Bridal Mehndi Design to be the most neat and perfect one.

As the Indian tradition goes, Bridal Mehndi Designs are normally finer, intricate and covers the palms, back hands copiously and stretches over the arms till the elbows. The color generally preferred for Bridal Mehndi Designs are the natural Red Brownish Henna. However some modern day brides use even the Black Mehndi or Chemical Mehndi too. In earlier times, Bride’s women relatives and her close friends used to apply Mehndi on her hands. Nowadays, it is a common practice to call the skilled Mehndi artists to decorate Bride’s hands and leg with neat and fine designs which may take 3-4 hours and quite a painstaking task. However, you can reduce all such efforts if you can follow some simple mehndi design ideas that were already covered on our blog previously. Such designs doesn’t require too much of efforts.

The motifs which are often preferred for Bridal Mehndi Designs are flowers, leaves, peacock, musical instruments, tiny motifs of Bride and Groom etc. In India, there is also a custom of incorporating the first letter of bridegroom’s name in the design but discreetly.

After applying Mehndi, special care is also taken that the color of the Mehndi comes out darker red to stay longer on Bride’s hands. Eucalyptus oil is applied on the hands or sometimes smoke of clove is given to the hands to get the darker color.

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Hands

bridal mehndi designs

  1. This design is the perfect one for a Bride looking for ethnic design for her special day. The design has everything an ideal Bridal Mehndi Design should have i.e. extravagance as well as clarity and neatness. It has intricate patterns with floral motifs and betel leaf design. Both the hands have a symmetrical effect in its working due to the connected designs. The designs are perfectly balance on each hand with similarity to bring out the balance and neatness. Fingers too are evenly decorated on both the hands. And above all it covers the hands and fingers completely. Such designs are most popular among the Indian Brides.

mehndi design for bride

  1. This design is bit less intricate than the first one and an ideal Bridal Mehndi Design for the Bride who is looking for less laborious yet gorgeous design. The design is easy to apply and still covers the hands completely. Clarity is an obvious feature of this design too. A best design if you do not want to sit for very long hours and still want the design to be grand one.
  1. The below design is the best as far as perfection and symmetry is maintained in the design. The design is ended very beautifully with a motif of peacock and a leaf. It strikingly adds first alphabets of Bride’s and Bridegroom’s name on each hand.

mehndi desing for marriage

  1. This modern design follows Arabic Pattern and uses less space of palm but still gorgeous for a wedding day especially when a Bride is looking for a modern design and not a traditional intricate one. Extra color is also incorporated to create a contrast effect and it beautifully suits bridal hands.

mehndi for bride

  1. If you are a Bride looking for an out of way and chic Bridal Mehndi Design except the traditional mundane designs and do not want to opt even for the simpler Arabic ones, here is a design to allure you and make your hands glamorous and different. The use of darker black Mehndi, red color and beads suits and enhances grandeur of the colorful occasion. For dark of black color mehndi, a special chemical is used. There are many beautiful black mehndi design samples present on our blog.

designer mehndi for hands

Bridal Mehndi Designs for Leg

Now let us go for the adorable Bridal Mehndi Designs for leg as a Bride would like to look her leg equally beautiful for her wedding occasion.

  1. This design for leg is an ideal one for a Dulhan as it is rich with beautiful peacock shaped motifs and holds the neatness and symmetry very well. This will suit when you have decked up your hands with traditional heavy design.

mehndi for feet

  1. This design follows the Arabic pattern and perfect for a Bride looking for a modern design for her feet. Though spacious, the beauty lies in its neatness and motifs. A maze like motifs and floral curves with some fan shaped motifs are beautifully compiled to make a perfect design. Some colorful Arabic mehndi for hands and leg were already covered before in case if you are looking for a more comprehensive collection of mehendi designs.

black mehndi for free

  1. Here is one fresh and unique Bridal Mehndi Design for your leg you will surely adore for a special day. It combines the features of traditional and modern designs by following an Arabic pattern with some traditional motifs and some unusual motifs. Though the design is simpler, the curved pattern creates a delicate and feminine touch and copiously covers the feet and some part of legs. It is surely a great design for Bride’s leg.arabic mehndi for leg
  2. This design is simple but still sure to suit the bridal day and best when you do not want to apply an intricate design for your leg. The space is beautifully adorned with the dot like floral motifs.

free hand mehndi design for bride

  1. If you are Bride using modern day design with enhancements on your hands, you would also like your feet to match your glamorous hands. The use of colored glitters and beads enhances the design perfectly and further harmonized with use of glitter colored nail paint. We are sure you cannot resist to opt for this design if you want to your feet Mehndi to be dashing and most unusual.

bridal mehndi design for leg

The above collection comprises variety of designs so that you can choose according to your taste. We hope you will adore this collection of bridal mehndi designs. Unfortunately, we couldn’t cover the mehndi for back side. Rest assured! We shall publish one more article that covers all the mehndi design ideas that you can use to show your beautiful belly or west. We welcome your valuable comments on our comprehensive collection of mehndi designs for bride.

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