Tips To Change your WhatsApp Number

If you do not want to share your new phone number with everyone, you can create a custom list of your favorite contacts. Highlights We recommend that you notify your contacts on WhatsApp about your new phone number before using the change number. Before you begin the process, make sure your new phone number can receive SMS and / or calls. You should check your old phone number in WhatsApp

4 Best Robot Vacuums You Can Try

Technology is advancing to extreme levels, and one doesn’t just differentiate between the things they want and the things they just buy. So much of technology has begin to mean like luxury to us, but the Robot vacuums aren’t just luxury. We say that because we understand what a task doing the chores at home can be, and if you wish to make your work easier so that the load

4 Ways to Learn about Internet Security

For most of us, the internet has cemented itself in everyday life. In under just 50 years the internet has gone from a single research network for scientists to a world-wide web of networks. This has seen a wealth of information become available right at our fingertips. Unlimited hours of information and entertainment in its many forms can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, limited only by the

Top 4 Mistakes When Creating Business Presentations

According to statistics, every second, 350 presentations are created in the world. Approximately 99% of them are just terrible. In this article, we are going to discuss top 4 mistakes made when creating a presentation. Too Much Information You should understand that it is not necessary to fill the slides with all the information you have. Your goal is not to show all the data at your disposal, but present

5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Sound Bar

Sound bars are the perfect marriage of the beloved stereo and the effective but complicated surround sound system. It’s a convenient option, that is not too heavy on the pocket either. Sound bars work great for all spaces and flow seamlessly with modern décor. It can be wall mounted, or be placed in front of the television. So yes, sound bars are your go-to option if you want to take


Do you need to log in your hp computer but just forgot your HP laptop password? Now we will teach you how can you recover your forgotten password so you can use your laptop. Forgetting password is a common thing to happen, it is really easy but also very annoying because you only know you forget your password when you are trying to log in. By forgetting a password, you

Popular Lenovo Mobiles with 4G Support

Last year, 4G LTE-enabled smartphones started getting popular in the Indian market. Various smartphone makers started offering LTE-enabled smartphones in the country at different price points. China’s Lenovo is one of the first smartphone makers to launch 4G LTE-enabled smartphones in India, especially in the budget segment. The company’s first LTE-enabled offering in the India, the A6000, was launched in the country in January last year. Priced at Rs 6,999,

5 Trendiest Luxury Watches in India

A wristwatch is a style statement revealing the wearer’s taste. Gone are the days when simple oval-shaped (square dials for men), yellow-gold watches were the only options that adorned the wrist of fashion-conscious Indians. Today, watches come in various innovative shapes and fluidic designs, which range from snazzy to loud, reflecting the mood and the personality of the wearer. The luxury watch market is one of the largest and fastest

2-in-1 Laptop: The new tech you need to understand before buying

The 2 in 1 Laptops offer great portability, flexibility and convenience, and are perfect for the modern users who are always on the go. The 2 in 1 Laptops are also greatly diverse devices with innovative, sleek and light design. There are the touchscreen tablets that come with detachable keyboards, yoga laptops which come with 360 degree folding hinges that offer multiple usability options, and there also a lot in

How to Easily Combine Numerous Video Clips

Imagine all the things you could do if you were able to combine several video clips into a single video. For starters you could produce your very own ‘best of’ styled content, by compiling the best of your video clips into a single video. Alternatively you could use it to create a video that consists of multiple scenes – each recorded as individual clips and then combined later on. While