Connect with artists near you using IamHere app


What is IamHere app, and how does it work?

IamHere is a hyperlocal application to discover, engage and connect with the people in your neighborhood for interest, hobby, and profession. This app provides a platform for businesses, organizations, NGOs, artists, and trades by delivering mediums like chat, posts, events, and stories. In other words, this is social media for building a social marketplace surrounding your neighborhood. Just say “I am here” in the application and immediately you’ll be able to connect with the people nearby. It helps to find your perfect fellow whether it’s for your profession, hobby or interest. People always desire to meet with others who are like-minded with them and therefore, the IamHere app will assist you to do so. Whatever your profession, hobby or interest may be, say “I am here” to your neighbors and start collaborating in your neighborhood community.

Connect with Artists near you using IamHere App

Since this article is about connecting with artists near you, let’s focus on that. You always want to share your creativity among everyone, and thus, IamHere app will help you to find your like-minded with ease. Artists are not only those who can paint or illustrate and this concept is entirely wrong. Anyone creative in their field is an artist, including singers, actors, artisans, photographers, film-makers, music composers, etc. Let’s assume that you’re an artist in music composing and want to find similar talents near you. You can try using the IamHere app, and it’s entirely different from most other social media platforms. It seeks your interests, hobbies, and profession. And thus it is very likely that you’ll get a perfect partner who can collaborate in your creative music composing. Install IamHere app and go through the initial setup process which includes entering your bio, current location, likes/dislikes, profession, hobbies, and interests, and more stuff about you. After this, you need to say, “I am here” and instantly your profile will be visible to anyone who uses IamHere app and follows your interests. They can now start a chat with you and share opinions about their interests. You can also support your business with the IamHere app. It will help you to find similar companies near you and collaborate with them, as well as help you to find customers. Wherever you go, it doesn’t matter because IamHere the best possible nearby app ever launched will let you know if there’s any like-minded of you nearby.

FAQs about IamHere App

1. Is this application free or we have to pay for using it?

This app is free, just like most other social media platforms. You can chat, share and interact with anyone in your society.

2. Can I use this app as a platform to promote my business?

Yes, of course. This app exists for many purposes, including that of yours. It will help you to connect with your customers and other nearby businesses in great ways possible.


A few social media platforms aren’t for sharing photos and memes, and IamHere app falls into that category. Find your interests, hobbies, and people with similar talents instantly just by saying, “I am here”. This application is available on Android as well as iOS, and it’s free to download. Install IamHere app today and create a community in your neighborhood with your fellow artists, hobbyists, and professionals.

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