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Dressing Up Institutions with a Dress Code


If you are an infrequent visitor to a social club in any metro, especially those with stately archways and old world foyers, you may have noticed the receptionist giving you a cursory glance to ensure that your attire is in adherence to the club’s dress code (shirt with collar for gentlemen).

As your host welcomes you into the sanctum and invites you to take a seat on the verandah or sprawling green lawn depending on the time of day, you cannot help notice the aura that adds to the charm. Mementos and photos on the walls echoing a bygone era, engraved boards featuring names of presidents and honorary secretaries from inception till date, and the inevitable program announcements for the coming month, which serve as a wake-up call to the fact that you are in 2017.

While we tend to notice and appreciate the ambience, what is not apparent is the effort by the institution to maintain the infrastructureand preserve it for posterity. To keep the club flag flying high and to uphold the standard of amenities and quality of service, the building is often refurbished, furniture given a makeover and staff livery given an uplift, while ensuring the quintessence of the quaint atmosphere remains unchanged.

Where should clubs look to when wanting a facelift or ordering a routine replacement of furniture and fixtures? In the days of yore when a committee member’s pointing to a reputed commercial establishment was not doubted as motive for financial gain, a mere reference would suffice. In later years, the practice adopted was a limited tender from known suppliers. In today’s world, in an environment empowered by the internet of things, there are newer ways to replace anything from chandelier to coffee pot and cutlery to canopy.

Let’s start with human resources, the most vital resource. The Club may wish to order uniforms for staff. The starting point can be stewards who are the first contact point for a member or guest. They wear a tie for sure, with a white or light blue shirt and matching trousers, along with black shoes. The waiters are almost certainly dressed in white, while the cleaning staff may be adorned in khaki. Step into the kitchen and you could find chefs in white and cooks in dark grey or dark brown, busy baking brown bread or giving finishing touches to the biscuit pudding.

Now let’s move on to furniture. Cushioned sofas in the lounge, colonial wicker chairs in the library and tables on the lawn need to be replaced from time to time, without giving members a clue that something has changed in the atmosphere they are used to for decades. What about lights and fittings? However classic the lighting may be, it is essential to conserve energy and switch to LED lamps, and may be you could retain the lamp shades for continuity. Taps, showers, wooden benches in the dressing room, towels and soap dishes may have to be replaced from time to time.

What about sports clubs? They need T-shirts by the dozen, for coaches and assistants and the multitudeof items described above. Imagine floating a tender, open or limited, for numerous products and evaluating the response. Is there a better way, and an easier one?

Now there is. All you have to do is log on to a Business to Business portal and check out their Lifestyle vertical. Start your journey with Tammy Trade, India’s fastest growing B2B e-marketplace, and you would not need to go anyplace else. With just one click, you will be able to discover manufacturers and suppliers of uniforms, furniture, fixtures, fittings, electronic appliances and made-ups (curtains, bedsheets).One more click, and you can request for samples, one more and you can place the order. A final click enables you to make payment online through a secure gateway. No letters to suppliers, emails or phone calls when you wish to buy in bulk on Tammy Trade’s automated platform.

If you are the honorary secretary of a Club or a member of the governing body, and you feel it’s time to spruce up, just get your institution to register on Tammy Trade as a Buyer and interact with any of over 1000 Verified Sellers. All you need to check is the product code, not dress code.

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