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Directed by A R Murugadoss, the movie, Holiday – A Soldier Is Never off Duty, is a movie dedicated to the Indian Army and has hit the Indian cinemas yesterday. Presented by Reliance Entertainment and with Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha as the main lead, this movie is an action thriller, which will keep your eyes glued to the screen. But is it as enticing as we expect it to be? Our expert review of Holiday- A solider is never off duty has a different opinion.

Akshay in Holiday –A Soldier Is Never off Duty

Holiday – A Soldier Is Never off Duty is a remake of the South Indian film ‘Thupakki’, which was released way back in 2012. A R Murugadoss has made a comeback after his last release of Ghajini, way back in 2008. Before you watch the movie, read more to know our reviews for the movie.

This film describes the life of an Indian soldier, Captain Virat Bakshi (Akshay Kumar), who is out on a holiday and saves people from terrorists. During his visit to Mumbai, his family is on the hunt for a bride and they come across Sahiba (Sonakshi Sinha). Unfortunately, he rejects her because of her soft nature and later on gets to know that she is a boxer and is impressed by her nature.

Why Should You Watch ‘Holiday’?

The story goes on, until terrorists endanger the city. The rest of the movie shows how he thinks out of the box to destroy the plots of the terrorists and saves the city from the sleeper cells. With the movie getting an overall 2.5 star rating, you will see Akshay with a new look, with an ample amount of weight loss to fit the role of the special agent in this movie. After a long time, you will see Govinda on the screen, who plays the role of a senior officer and assigns Akshay, the task of tracking down the terrorists in the city. The first half of the movie is good to watch until the second part, which makes it look stretched and bit tedious.

Akshay and Sonakshi- Holiday Reviews

With Khiladi Kumar, witnessing a public bus tearing apart due to a bomb explosion, he puts together clues that leads him to the culprits that are involved in planting the sleeper cells. Majority of the times, the action in the movie will keep you predicting the scenes that will occur in the latter part of the movie, which makes the movie interesting. You will see Akki for the first time playing a serious role unlike his other movies that he has done in the past. So, do not expect humor in this film. Instead, get set to watch the realistic stunts of the Khiladi King. There is not much focus on the role of Sonakshi.

In her previous movies, she has played the role of a traditional Indian woman, whereas the role that she is playing in this movie is just the opposite. Here, she is portrayed wearing shorts and boxing gloves. Her role in the movie was not needed, but to add to the spice of the story, it seems that Murgadoss had signed her. Farhad has played the bad guy in the movie, the ‘sleeper cells’ leader and he has done a splendid job. He fits into the character, looking like a professional terrorist. Jokes apart, if we were to present the best actor in a negative role award, he would be the one who bags it.

Our Reviews for ‘Holiday’

In addition, there are instances, when you will feel that the songs in the movie are simply a waste of time and you would need to hold on your patience. Our reviews for the songs are again, okay, not good. The songs could have been better. The song that has Akshay and Sonakshi dancing in the club, seems conscripted. However, the action part, will keep you entertained and leave you with awe. Our reviews for the action in the movie is 3.0 star, which is so far, good.

Our reviews of Holiday movie is that the music seems to be okay, not so good as it should have been. The action sequences are jaw dropping and will make you stay glued to your screen even if you are bored. You will find a flare of south Indian actions. Even the dialogues in the movie are not so interesting. It could have been better. The dialogues get a 2.5 star rating from our point of view.

If you are not anxious about the story part, and want to watch the movie, only because you are an action thriller fan, then we would suggest, this is the ideal one for you. However, the movie is just a one time watch with all the masala in it, which is ‘paisa vasool’, and there is no compelling reason for you to watch it over and over again.

We would like to know your review of Holiday movies. Did you enjoy the movie?

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