Do you need to log in your hp computer but just forgot your HP laptop password? Now we will teach you how can you recover your forgotten password so you can use your laptop. Forgetting password is a common thing to happen, it is really easy but also very annoying because you only know you forget your password when you are trying to log in. By forgetting a password, you might think you will lose an incredible amount of personal and work information; but now we will provide you with a quick and useful guide you can use those days you forget your hp laptop password.

First, you need to know these procedures are for Windows only, then unlock your computer password without system re-installation.

For Windows XP

If your computer has windows XP installed, then there is an easy and safe way to reset your password. You can unlock your account by using the administrator account, which is automatically created when the system is installed. So you have to try this: First you have to take out your computer from the save mode by pressing F8 bottom at the moment windows is starting, this will lead the administrator account to appear on the welcome screen. After it, press Ctrl+ALT+DEL and the login screen will appear, now you just have to input ” Administrator”  in the name field and leave the password blank, then log in and now you can reset the password from your own account.

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For Windows 7/8/vista

This method can be used in case you have a password reset disk. Go to windows login screen and click Enter or “log in” just as usually. Only if you created this windows password reset disk, a message like this will appear on your screen ”use reset password disk to reset windows password”; go and click this option so you can go on with the procedure. Then you will be asked to plug in the USB password reset disk and some extra instructions will be given to you.

Note: If you usually forget your password, then you should create this password reset disk.


For Windows 7/8/vista and XP and 2003, 08 and 12 serves

This procedure includes the use of a password recovery. You just are going to need some USB or any storage device and access to another computer. By using iSeePassword Windows password recovery Pro, you can reset HP laptop password easily and in a safe way. If you don’t have this disk, you have to go online, download and install the program; using your Storage device, create a password reset USB by selecting the name of the storage on the drop-down list and start burning it.

Insert then the USB on the locked computer and restart your laptop son you can access the BIOS setup by pressing F1, F2 O DEL. Once you have entered you must change the device as the first boot. Make sure you save the changes and exit, after this, you have to reset the computer and start following program’s instructions. By buying this program you will have the permanent way of accessing your laptop every time you forget your password.

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