australia team odi ranking 2015

ICC ODI Team Ranking for 2015 is Out


ICC has officially announced the ranking of the ODI 2015 playing teams. Find out the ICC ODI 2015 team ranking of all your favorite teams from here. The world champion Australia has retained no #1 spot in the ODI 2015 ranking while India has managed to grab the 2nd spot.With its supreme performance in the world cup and previous series against India, Australia rightly grabbed the first position. They have got the award of USD $175,000 as the top ranking team while India managed to grab USD $75,000 for finishing second in the list. Despite of loosing all matched in the ODI series, India managed to cling to the second position thanks to their candid performance in the world cup 2015.

australia team odi ranking 2015

South Africa is on the #3rd spot with only 4 points behind India. If they manage to win the next series, they are likely to grab the second spot. On the other hand, despite of having miraculous performance, New Zealand only managed to reach to the #5th position. West Indies is on the 8th spot. According to new ICC rule, all the top 8 teams get qualified for the next world cup while other teams will have to face each other in qualifier round. Bangladesh is on the #9th spot and is not likely make it into top 8 team as it is far behind WI team in terms of points.

ICC ODI 2015 Ranking Table

Follow the below ICC ranking 2015 ODI table to know the standing of each team as of April 1st.

Ranking Country Rating Points
1 Australia 122
2 India 116
3 South Africa 112
4 Sri Lanka 108
5 New Zealand 107
6 England 101
7 Pakistan 95
8 West Indies 92
9 Bangladesh 76
10 Zimbabwe 50
11 Ireland 44
12 Afghanistan 38

Will India be able to grab the #1 spot? Next few ICC ODI series will remain crucial as there is likely to be a ranking shift depending on which team wins the tournament. There is a very low margin of error. Practically, India has a very thin chance to be on the top #3 spot as they will be playing IPL very soon. The tournament will last for almost two months and that means they will not be playing any international games in the next two months. Check the IPL 2015 schedule

as well as live streaming links. On the other hand, the decision to allow only top 8 team to get qualified in the next world cup has made the bottom position an interesting one. Current teams are most likely to remain as it is. New Zealand also has a better chance to make it into the top #3 spot as they are only few points away from the spot.

Since India and Australia has a bitter rivalry, we would love to know the opinion of an Indian fans. Do you believe that the current Indian team squad can dethrone the champion from its position?

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