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IPL 2015: Sunil Narine Cleared by BCCI


Finally, Kolkata Knight Riders had a sigh of relief after getting their best bowler back in the action. Sunil Narine, the mystery spinner, was forbidden from bowling in international and IPL series due to his suspicious bowling action. In fact, it was a huge blow for the West Indies team as their leading spinner was unable to bowl in the world cup 2015 due to the same reason. However, BCCI decided to go overboard and take a test again to see whether he has improved his bowling action or not. In a review panel formed by Mr S Venkatraghavan, Mr Javagal Srinath and Mr AV Jayaprakash, Mr. Narine went under a scrutiny and surprisingly managed to pass the test. Mr. Narine went through the various bowling action examination at Sri Ramachandra University, an ICC-accredited centre, couple of days back. BCCI insisted that he should undergo the test to get clearance from the committee before he bowl for the KKR team again. KKR was desperate to put their leading wicket taking spinner under the test so they could defend their title.

sunil narine

The clearance to bowl in IPL 2015 is a big boon for the defending champions Kolkata Knight riders. Sunil Narine has been their star performer from past several seasons. Even, he is believed to be the strongest contender of the purple cap in IPL 2015. BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya informed the media that Sunil has managed to passed the test from the IC accredited center. This is a big news for KKR team as well as West Indies team. West Indies can now go for the same test and can get their star bowler back in the team.

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Last year, Narine was declared ineligible due to his suspicious bowling action. Since then he has not played for his team. He missed many important tournament including precious World cup 2015 tournament. He was working hard and has remodelled his bowling action. The Trinidadian is one of the leading wicket taker of IPL and could be the biggest asset in this year as well. Sunil Narine got the clearance to bowl in IPL 2015 which means that we can see some magical spell from him this year as well.

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