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Nail Art: Popular Nail Art Styles in India


Nail Art is a technique, a craftship of decking the fingernails with dazzling designs. Right from celebrities to middle class women, this form of art is becoming everyone’s favorite. It gives a sophisticated and trendy look to the fingers. In the ancient times, nail art denoted the status of men and women in the society. Indian women are slowly getting inclined towards the nail art and its glory. There are many different style of nail polish available in India. No doubt Indian women are becoming more stylish and beautiful generation after generation.

Nail art is prevalent in beauty salons and is premeditated as a part of fashion and beauty. There are varieties of nail art available, from the most simple to the most complicated and modish, that one can opt for. After all, who would not want to make their nail look admirable?

Now that you have thought about nail art to beautify your long nails, you might want to try to do something different. You are determined to shape and paint your nails in the most ravishing way, that all those who look at it would give you a pat on the back.

You can acquire nail art kits that are easily accessible in beauty stores or maybe even online. You can get a kit that enables you to fix stamping pre-designed images if you are in haste.

You will not need to search for collections of nail art that you wish, to make your pick. We have chosen a few of the best collections that you might want to try.

Best Types of Nail Art

Watermelon Nail Art:

Watermelon Nail Art

The coolest and the simplest nail art is the watermelon nail art. You do not need to hire a professional or go to a beauty salon to create this design. You can do it by yourself. All you need is patience and concentration.

Monsoon Nail Art:

monsoon nail art

This nail art would keep your mind fresh and cool. Blue color is known for reducing stress and is the color of spirit and devotion. As per my point of view, whenever you feel too stressed and need a break, try putting on this colored form of nail art.

Floral nail art:

Floral design

Every woman likes flowers. Flowers can change your mood. Flowers can brighten your day. Make you energetic and lively. If you ever feel dull and gloomy, this one is the perfect one for you. You can get nail art stickers with flowers from your local store, or if you are good at painting, probably, you can do it yourself.

Dotted Nail Art:

Funky dotted nail art

This will give your nails a cool and stylish look. Try using a combination of black and white as these two colors never go out of fashion.

Cheetah nail art:

Cheetah Designed Nail Art

Ever thought, that your life is moving too rapidly? Then, I would suggest this nail art for you. It will remind you, that you need to maintain your pace in life and keep a balance of everything.

Cartoon Characters Nail Art:

Cartoon Nail Art

Would you agree with the fact that all of us, at some point of time, wish to become kids again? Do not miss your childhood days, with this lovely piece of artwork. Get cartoon character stickers from the store and glue it over your nails. It will bring back those sweet old memories of childhood.

Splash effect with Rainbow colors:

Splash Effect

This is a splendid one if you want to make it look more innovative. Do not waste any more time in displaying your talent to your friends. Try this one.

Wedding Nail Art:

Wedding wear

It is your best friend’s wedding and you are still wondering which nail art would look best for the occasion. Here, try this one. Though it is simple, it looks cool to wear for wedding parties.

Party wear nail art:

Party Wear nail art

You have a party to attend and you are tired of putting the same old nail art. Try this one. It will look gorgeous and stunning.

There are thousands of different nail arts ideas you can use to look different. Additional options are also available in the market. Typically, nail art goes really well with the mehendi designs. We have provided several articles on the same subject before. Probably, Arabic mehendi designs are more popular in this aspect. If you are going to a party, then black mehendi design along with party nail arts mentioned here looks really good. Do not forget to check more beauty tips and ideas on blog. We keep providing useful information here. In case, if you are interested in sharing your creation, then you can do so by using the comment form given below.

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