Role of Angular in Web Development or Web Designing with its versions


Angular the name of the technology that changes the way of Web – Designing and Development. As you know that in the web development market Angular is on top. There is also some other technology like Angular but Angular playing a unique role after it’s releasing. Angular was founded by Google in the year 2010. Angular is a very fast technology and also a secure language for software development. Angular released with its first version named AngularJs. There are also many versions of Angular released from 2010 to the present. They are coming with the new support and bug fixing which was in the previous version. And also if your website will be fast and secure then it will help in improve the ranking in google search. So in this article, we will read the role of Angular and different versions of Angular and also that how to learn Angular.

Act of Angular

The future is in technology. We must always work on the latest and quick technology within the computer code development market, Angular is one in every one of them. Angular is additionally in no time and security framework that’s open supply. Open supply suggests that we will edit and modify the code Angular library. We can develop dynamic web applications with Angular framework. With Angular, there will be HTML-5 use for the template language that means we use HTML and CSS for designing the Website with Angular. The web apps that are developed with Angular technology is very fast and secure.

Different Versions of Angular

Angular has the various versions in its character. Here is the list of different versions of Angular.


Angular was released first time with its AngularJs version. It’s called the first version of Angular. AngularJs is totally dependent on MVC structure that means Model, View, And controller. It is normally referred to as Angular-1. AngularJs was based on JavaScript and typescript. AngularJs was going to be a famous way but after the release of ReactJs that is developed by the Facebook community, it was coming on the low level. After seeing the comparison of two solid frameworks, Google releases the next update version of AngularJs.

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Angular 2.0 was announced at October-2014.  But the final release of Angular-2 was on September 14, 2016. It was the next update version of AnularJs.Angular-2 a pair of is associate open supply JavaScript framework to make net applications in a hypertext mark-up language and JavaScript. Angular-2 is also a component-based structure. The official website of Angular is where is the complete information about the version of Angular-2.


After the Angular-2 the next update version is Angular-4, that was announced on 13 December 2016 and finally released on March-23, 2017. Angular-4 comes with new feature support. The view engine is first time introduced with Angular-4. Angular-4 is fast in compare with Angular-2.  Angular-4 is also coming with its new else statement that is the gif.  The file size of the code in Angular-4 is very smaller in comparison to Angular-2. It has also come with Pipe Support.

Angular-5, Angular-6, and Angular-7

Angular-5 come after the Angular-4. Angular 5 was released on November 1, 2017. Angular-5 come with a whole stack of new features and also bug fixes. In this version of Angular, the community of Angular have added very attractive features and also improve the loading and execution time in Angular-5.

After the Angular-5 here is come Angular-6.  Angular-6 is also a component-based structure. And it uses the framework of typescript.  In Angular-6 Closure Compiler is that the bundling optimizer wont to produce JavaScript modules for pretty much all Google internet applications. The Closure Compiler systematically generates smaller bundles and will a higher job in dead code elimination compared to Webpack and Rollup bundlers. And also Angular-6 is fast in compare with Angular-5. If you want to read the full course of Angular-6, then you can read from the Tutorial Point website.

And here the latest and last version of Angular that is Angular-7. Angular 7 was released on October 18, 2018. There are several new features in Angular-7 in compare to previous Angular versions. Some of them are- CLI prompts, application performances, Angular material, improved accessibility, and Angular element. In Angular-7 there is also some new command like as ng-add and ng-new. Angular material improves the design part in the Web application. Angular- 7 is very powerful in compression of the previous framework. Also, you can read full course with the example from Tutorial Point website.

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