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Smokey Eye Makeup : How to get a Perfect Smokey Look for Eyes!


Smokey Eyes: Get Tips for Perfect Smokey Eye Look

A woman’s eyes speak more than her lips can. They are ever expressive and adding charisma to her personality and body language. Eyes are the most appealing part of your face and can not be ignored when you are getting ready to kill. Smoke eye makeup is what you would need to your pair of eyes look more appealing and gorgeous. Get a trendy smokey look makeup tips for your special events, parties, and weddings! Here are some best ways and ideas thoughtfully compiled to give your eyes an enigmatic perfect smokey look. Read on further and explore how to get a perfect smokey look for eyes and get ready to add an extra charm to your beautiful eyes. Also, learn about how to do makeup perfectly?

smokey eye makeup


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Best Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

When the makeup is to don your eyes, nothing would go as classic as smokey eye makeup goes. Every beauty magazine today has a picture of models or Bollywood divas sporting smokey eyes. Here is some best smokey eye makeup tips for your eyes look as dashing as they can.

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Colors for Smokey Eye Makeup

Get started with choosing the colors you would like to do for your eyes. Though any color from your eye shadow kit can be used to create a smokey eye, choose at least three different shades of a similar hue only. A classic smokey eye can be created using black or gray. However, most commonly used hues for classic smokey eyes are bronze and brown.

If your eyes are commonly brown or almond-colored, shades of navy and gray would be best to choose. For rare green colored eyes, gray and plum shades match greatly. Blue colored eyes are best to go with gold or copper colors. With black eyes, lighter shades are preferred.

Choose three shades of each color, first one a light creamy color, a medium base, and third one a dark smoky color. Avoid using too bright and gaudy colors for eye makeup. If you have fair skin, do not use a too dark color as it will make your eyes look distracted from your cute face.


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smokey eye makeup

Accessories for Smokey Eye Make-Up

Use the right accessories for your eye make up to make your eyes look perfect smokey one. Smokey eye makes up requires some supplies which should be appropriate ones and should not be spoiling for your eye makeup.

You can use loose powders to get the perfect blending of different colors which is necessary to get smokey eye makeup. Compacted powders and cream eyeshadows are other alternatives but we recommend you use loose powders to get the best smokey eye makeup.

As for the eyeliners, use pitch black one to give a fine highlight to your smokey eye. Pencil eyeliner will give a softer look while cream and liquid eyeliners give a smooth finishing to your eyelids.

Appropriate quality eye brushes play a central role too for any eye makeup. The domed shaped or a rounded shaped eye shadow brush is the best to use for smokey eye makeup or you can change the look of your eyes with the help of

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Prepare your Eyes to get Smokey

After you choose your color and brushes, be sure to use good concealers and eye shadow primer to prepare your eyelids and under-eye area. Apply a light shade of concealer to the under-eye area and also over the upper area of the eyelid. Apply a powder foundation gently over the concealer to get the concealer set properly.

Keep handy your large fluffy eye brush and makeup removers to remove eye make up immediately if any mistake happens.

smokey eye makeup tips

More Tips on Smokey Eye Makeup

While you are going to have smokey eye makeup, be sure your eyebrows are not too thin and light. Make it a bit darker and bolder as otherwise your smokey eye make up will remain unmatched with the thin and feeble eyebrows and might not look natural.


Aishwarya's smokey eye look



We are sure you would be able to go for smokey eye makeup with our above tips. Just follow the above simple tips and make your eyes look smokey and classic. The images given here of some Bollywood beauties with smokey eyes will give you ideas about the smokey eye looks too. We will be bringing some more tips for eye makeup. Share your views and ideas for eye makeup. We would b pleased to have your say. Well, any Indian function is dry without decorating your hands with beautiful lavish mehndi designs too. Get in touch with our beauty section for bridal mehndi designs and other beauty-related posts.

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