The Importance of Girls’ Education for the Future of the World


Girls’ and women’s education is quite a popular subject nowadays.

For starters, there are several important world organizations that have global campaigns supporting women’s right to education, gender equality, and access to a civilized way of life. In addition, we now have strong involvement from celebrities, world leaders, CEOs, and other powerful people who understand the power of this phenomenon and want to see it perpetuated.

In India, women make up around half of the population. This is a lot if we consider the fact that this is the second-largest country in the world by population. And, even though nowadays the right to education is available for anyone interested (with small exceptions), there were times when girls were prevented from getting a proper education.

Luckily, due to amazing technological developments, girls all over the world have the possibility to choose among a wide range of educational environments. Starting with the traditional school environment and ending with advanced e-learning platforms, anyone with internet access now has an open channel to education.

The Benefits of Having Educated Women in Society

Scientists and specialists from various fields of activity (economy, business, healthcare, industry, and so on) agree that educated women have a powerful influence on the society in which they live.

We’ll only discuss some of the most obvious ones (especially for women in India), but it’s important to understand they have a much broader influence.

Better Educated Future Generations

Whether she’s educated or not, most societies in today’s world consider the woman as the nurturing figure for the family. As such, the mother is responsible for the early education and development of the children, and she is the one providing support and comfort in children’s early years of life, regardless of their gender.

As such, an educated woman will know how to keep her children happy, healthy, and how to put them on a path to success from the beginning.

A Healthier More Stable Population

In societies where women have low status, the infant and maternal mortality are high, and the population usually grows at an uncontrollable rate. As a result, these people have to deal with crushing poverty, lack of resources, and health problems.

On the other hand, educated girls and women are more likely to start a family later in life, have fewer children, and take better care of themselves and their families.

The Ability to Become the Provider

While men are the ones who, historically, provide for their families, women should also be capable of supporting themselves and their families. In societies where women can take better work positions and earn a good paycheck, men are less stressed and feel less pressure.

Moreover, an educated will be able to take care of her family in the event she is left alone.

Improve Socioeconomic Growth

Through education, women everywhere learn new ways to support themselves, their families, and their community. They are more likely to get involved in politics, start businesses, and provide economic growth through their own forces.

In addition, women are less likely to support violent actions than similarly educated men, which can lead to a political balance in areas tormented by war and instabilities.

Wrap Up

Now, the fact that women everywhere demand to be heard and their needs served may look like a passing trend to the untrained eye. However, it is unfathomable that in a world where we talk about the Internet of Things and creating sentient artificial intelligence, there are still over 770 million illiterate people (out of which, two-thirds are girls)!

So, yes! These girls need a voice to represent their interests and to help them reduce the gap. These actions bring benefits for the entire planet, not just for the individuals involved. This is why the movement is here to stay, and we hope it will only grow in power and audience.

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