The Steps You Need To Take To Be Secure Online


Do you have a small company pertaining to computer repair services in Bangalore? Then you no doubt have an office with a small team. And yes, there is the finance department which makes payment online to banks and to vendors. In these cases, if your website or server goes through a security breach, confidential information may be lost. There are lots of jobs you need to do such as changing the server, resetting the password, applying for blocking the credit cards of your bank account and so on. To avoid such situations, read this article on the steps you need to take to be secure online. After all, haven’t your ancestors said, ‘Prevention is better than cure.’

The hints given in this article will keep your company’s online presence safer.

Making your apparatus, online individuality, and activities safer does not require much work. In reality, a few of our hints on what you could do in order to be secure on the web boil down to little more than ordinary sense. All these 1-2 hints to be secure on your internet life will keep you safer.

1. Install an Anti Virus (paid version)

The paid version of antivirus software can act as the best prevention against malware and virus which steal your personal info. In recent times, ransomware is the hottest item, and if it creeps into your office computer, you may have to cough up money. In the case of Trojan Horse, they can steal your company information. Bots and other malicious programs can turn the entire office computer system to a junk store. So, a paid antivirus protects against all kinds of malware.

If you have opted for a yearly security package, ensure to renew it every year. Tired? Go for the paid version and which has the features to renew itself once on the internet.

2. Security Programs

It is not enough that you have the security programs which can safeguard your office systems. You need to know whether it has all the features checked. There is no point in you having the program, but its best antivirus option remained unchecked. After installing the software, you need to ensure that every safety feature is ticked on to get the best benefit.

3. Use Passwords

Let us imagine, you have ten portals in your office for banking and other jobs. Now, the password remains with you and out of fear, the passwords start with Ajay12345. For the second portal, the password is Ajay123456. Now, if a hacker breaks into your system and finds one password for a portal, it will not be long, before he/she can decipher your passwords.

Then valuable information is lost, or your money will get transferred to an unknown location.
So, opt for a proper perfect password combination. Or else make use of a password manager. Just remember the password to the password manager, and the work becomes easy. After you unlock the manager, you can log in easily to your portals.

4. Get a VPN

This situation does not concern the office environment but can be risky. You have gone to an event and get a call from a vendor regarding payment. Now, the internet on your mobile does not work. In the event, you have got free Wi-Fi. In case, you log on to the free system, then others on the system may steal your data. So, use a VPN or virtual personal network. The VPN can cause encryption of the traffic, and no one can access your data.

In a similar situation, whether in a tab or notebook, turn a VPN in case you have to opt for a free wifi system.

5. Two-Factor Authentication

In this era of fast time, two-factor authentication is considered a nuisance. But consider the safety features. If you just go for a password and one factor, then the hacker gets the authority to do whatever he/she wants with your account. But the two-factor method, it can make their efforts futile. There are many apps, websites, and emails which support the two-factor authentication process.

The best example, you can find in the password manager.

6. Pay With Your Smartphone

Yes, you may get a virus on the mobile also. But the manufacturers of branded mobiles have done their best to keep all viruses at bay. Usually, a branded model will have the best antivirus/antispyware available on the mobile. Ensure that these applications remain updated. Always use the bank website for making payment. And use the virtual keyboard to enter your password and PIN number. Another important step, you should never forget. This aspect remains foremost among the steps you need to take to be secure online.

7. Different Emails

You have a small team with the business of computer repair service in Bangalore going steady. The small team in your company does multitask. It is okay for a start-up. But ensure that there remain different email addresses for various administrative purposes. Then, you can easily detect phishing emails.

Do not have one email for every task. It will remain flooded with emails and spam. Also, if two employees use the same email, it may cause a disturbance. So, ensure that the emails you receive get scanned with an antivirus. This is one of the steps you need to take to be secure online.

8. Clear Your Cache

One look, they appear as an unimportant aspect. We are talking about the cache. But saved stores searches and internet history can make the hacker easily get your password. So before logging out from the system, clear off the cache.

Save Password feature – Browsers

Yes, many browsers have this option. To make your life easy, they give the password management system. Turn off the save password feature in browsers. Maintain all the passwords in a password manager.

9. Clickbait Phenomenon

How can any virus, spyware, or malware come to your office system? Ensure that your office employees knew about clickbait. They should never click on links that come in texts or emails. The email may look like an invitation or display coupon, but it can house the most malicious malware. Once installed in your computer, you may need a professional to take the entire unwanted guest population off your server.


So have you read the steps you need to take to be secure online? Yes, there are other methods also, but we have focused on the most common. Follow these steps to be safe always when online.

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