Tillaya Enters Indian market with Supreme Quality of Gold and Silver Jewellery


Tillaya is a rapidly growing brand from East Asia, and focusing on the development of expanding market in India at present phase. The products are classified into three categories: Bars, Coins and Jewellery. Tillaya includes a wide range of gold and silver jewellery products such as necklaces, earrings, zodiac signs and so on.

Tillaya provides an exquisitely crafted extensive range of supreme quality gold and silver jewellery, to satisfy the gold industry’s consumer demands.

Besides, each piece of jewellery is created after being exposed to extreme temperature and pressure for years, thereby assuring you a high-quality product. Worried about paying an exorbitant price to own your favorite jewellery? Well, the prices are affordable. You can pick the ones that fit your pocket.

As a result of the pandemic, shopping habits have changed dramatically, and in 2022, points of sale will move almost exclusively online – the behaviour is likely to continue. During this difficult time, Tillaya has made many achievements as an online jewellery store, providing efficient customer service and reliable delivery services. To simplify the shopping process and improve the customer’s shopping experience, the Tillaya app was launched.

Tillaya values ​​the shopping experience above all else, and the app now allows customers to easily access their order status and track shipping information anytime, anywhere. It also allows customers to conveniently access Tillaya’s 24/7 customer support. Meanwhile, customers can comfortably share their feedback on the app for referrals to other visitors and for using Tillaya for future product and service improvements.

Tillaya introduces over 10 new products every day, offering a selection of over 500 items to date. The app allows customers to receive timely updates on recently released products, sales and promotions.

The brand strives to offer a wide variety of options, but some customers may have difficulty making decisions during the shopping process, so Tillaya provides useful fashion news and daily fashion information in the app to reduce customer choices overload. The app also provides customers with human-centred decision support with data-driven personalized recommendations.

Tillaya offers jewellery for birthdays, engagements, anniversary marriages, dates, special days and other similar occasions. Visit https://www.tillaya.in/  to download and check out their collection.

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