Top 5 Best Piano Under $1000 in 2017


Buying a piano is not easy. There are so many choices that you are likely to get overwhelmed. Also, there is the price factor you need to consider before buying a piano. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of top 5 best pianos under $1000 in 2017.

1. Yamaha P45 88

There is no denying that Yamaha is one of the most popular manufacturers of piano. P45 model is not exactly the top of the line as compared to the other high-end Yamaha pianos but it is definitely a good buy. This entry level piano has been built upon P35, which itself was a very popular model. Although this piano is meant for the beginners, but even experienced players can extract some good music out of it. It has a complete set of 88 keys and is also an 8-octaves piano. Most other pianos in this price category usually provide only 6-octaves. The keyboard is pretty light allowing easy finger manoeuvres over it. The size of the keyboard is big enough and lets you play even the music notes that require both hands. The product has been made using the top-grade materials and is thus very durable too.


As far as the sound is concerned, this piano offers a bit more than the other entry level counterparts. The 64-note polyphony allows you to play all the 64 notes simultaneously. The polyphone-rich piano also ensures that the notes do not cut out even when you need to sustain the pedal heavily. P45 is priced fairly at $399 and it could be your very first piano purchases.

2. Casio LK280

If you are looking for the top digital piano under $500, this model of Casio is what you would like to consider. We all know that Casio is one of the top producers of the keyboards and other musical instruments. LK280 is the entry level piano designed for the beginners and this is how it is promoted by Casio. There is a lot of support for the beginners and it helps them have a better learning curve. There is the stepped teaching feature wherein the players must repeat the built-in songs in steps till the time they have attained mastery in each of them. This piano also has a big tone library.


This model also features a six-track recorder with 5 songs and plenty of digital effects. It also has a microphone input as well as a USB port. You can copy the MIDI files from your computer to the piano. Although this piano is marketed as designed for the beginners, even the intermediary players can derive good quality music out of it. Unfortunately, there is no sustain-pedal. However, thankfully, Casio has provided the AC adaptor.

Available for less than $500, this Piano could be a perfect choice for many.

3. Kurzweil ARTIS

If you are looking for a piano that is simple and yet powerful and is priced under $1000, ARTIS could be a great pick. There is no denying that ARTIS has been the flagship for Kurzweil for a long time and has also made the company more popular than before. ARTIS definitely deserves to be in the list of best piano brands.


ARTIS is suited for concerts and other stage performances. The sound quality is exceptional and suits both beginners and professionals alike. This piano features control switches to control the performance and also many incredible effects. In simple words, ARTIS is a great piano to own.

4. Yamaha YDP163R

YDP163 definitely earns its keep in this list of best piano brands. Every bit of sound that comes out of this piano justifies its existence among the top brands. Yamaha is well known for manufacturing world class pianos and this model carries the weight very well. The sound reproduction is of nearly impeccable quality and it has been made possible with the CF sound engine that this mode comes packed with. This top-grade piano is perfect for concerts and plays. If you are someone who loves to express through music, YDP163R would be a wonderful choice for you.


This piano offers a high dynamic range and can elicit some incredible response from the audience. While transitioning from the high to low keys you will feel the heavy touch which is offered by the weighted action of Graded Hammer 3. There are plenty of preloaded piano songs that help you practice and get better at playing digital piano. It becomes all the more useful if you are new to digital piano but have been playing the traditional one for a while. While this piano is perfect for advanced play, even the beginners can learn with it easily. There may be a bit of problem with the keys getting stuck in certain units. But, that can be fixed easily.

5. Korg tinyPiano

 If you are looking for the top digital piano under $500, then Korg tinyPiano may be a good choice. Korg has made many miniature musical instruments and most of them were for adults. However, there is absolutely no doubt that tinyPiano by Korg is meant for kids of up to 6 or 7 years of age. If you feel that your kid has musical proclivities and he or she must be made familiar with the piano at an early age, it would be a great idea to gift them this little musical device. The other entry level pianos may be a bit too fancy and complicated for your kids. But, this one is just perfect.


Korg understands that kids usually deal with their things roughly. This is why it has designed this piano a little solid so that it can withstand some abuses and rough use. Also, tinyPiano is pretty heavy and thus your kids will not drag it around. There are many demo songs that are more apt for the kids. There are only 25 keys on the keyboard but for a kid in this age range it is good enough. This piano, however, is not sans some problems. For instance, it does not feature any learning tools, there are no light indicators, and there is no labelling. But, we would stay it is still a great choice for the little kids.

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