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250+ WhatsApp Status: Best Status Messages for Whatsapp


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Whatsapp has surpassed all messaging app in terms of number of users. Whatsapp is a free messaging and social networking app available on leading platforms like iOS, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry etc. Here are some cool whatsapp status that you don’t want to miss. It’s everyone’s favourite app where people remain in touch with their friends and relatives and loved ones. One can send message, upload videos and audios and send them to a particular person or a group. It has excellent in-built features like status updates to show one’s mood and current status or current activity to everyone connected with the person. One can communicate himself/herself with all the people in his/her whatsapp group with update of status. Here we bring you collection of best whatsapp status and messages to make your friends and pals laugh.

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Best Whatsapp Status

Following are best 250+ whatsapp status that you can easily copy and forward it to friends and group members.

  1. Its okay if you don’t understand me. I am not everyone’s cup of tea!
  2. For all mothers-in-law! No more tips on raising children. Coz I am staying with the one you raised and he needs a lot of improvement.
  3. I am not good or bad. Its just other’s thinking about me.
  4. An opportunity grabbed is opportunities multiplied.
  5. Every man is an exception; woman are all same!
  6. Confusing people is much easier than convincing them.
  7. An example of logic by a student. I love my teacher and he loves his daughter very much. Conclusion is I love my teacher’s daughter very much.
  8. Advice for boys! Choose a wise girl to a beautiful. The wise one will know which fairness cream she should use.
  9. When woman shuts her eyes, she gets a vision of her charming prince. When a man shuts his eyes, a slideshow begins.
  10. The only way to get rid of a temptation is to fulfil it.
  11. The favourite question of every husband to his wife is ‘Where were you for so long?’
  12. A love letter to a girl friend : I love you from the bottom of my heart, I will cross all the borders just for the sake of your love. Anyway I wont be coming to meet you today eve. Its raining too much.
  13. I can promise you anything; the only thing I can’t is to keep my promises.
  14. Whether you love me or hate me; I will be at least in your mind.
  15. Who says I am not unique? I was in love and dint fall!
  16. Natural stupidity is so cute to artificial intelligence.
  17. Best gossip magazine of the world: ladies compartment in trains.
  18. Crash! I didn’t sleep for the whole night!  but the dreams were awesome!!
  19. Knowledge is what is in your mind after you forget everything that was taught.
  20. Watch out the latest survey! Even the most beautiful woman spends half of her life trying to look good.
  21. Don’t judge me by my status. They are not my character.
  22. If being single is so much a fun; why most of the men are married.
  23. Marriage and mobiles are same. If you have waited for long, you would have got a better one.
  24. Bad experiences are the best teachers in life.
  25. If you see everyone coming in your way, just check your lane.
  26. Trusting in God doesn’t mean keeping your house unlocked.
  27. If you can’t get the desired results, learn to manipulate data.
  28. By the time you gather maturity to live life fully, your life is about to end.
  29. Every single person has a unique face and features. God must not be having a feature of COPY, PASTE.
  30. Life can’t be perfect. It doesn’t give error messages.
  31. I hate successes. It makes me feel like a full stop.
  32. Good manners are saying ‘No offence’ before offending anyone.
  33. I don’t say lies. I carefully edit the truth!
  34. You are patience, if you can admire a person driving ahead of you.
  35. The best argument ever: I know you are right but it won’t help.
  36. When you are the only punctual person, the problem is nobody is there to appreciate it.
  37. I would like to listen to you, but ignoring you is much easier.
  38. My girlfriend is out of town!
  39. The situation got tense as the past, present and future got into the bar.
    whatsapp status messages
  40. When nothing is goes right…….. take a turn to left!
  41. God created man first. The masterpiece was created later.
  42. Where there is a WILL, there are thousands of relatives.
  43. My status will be now ‘Studying, do not disturb me.’ (my mom is here on whatsapp now)
  44. Being single does not mean ready to mingle.
  45. When I am good, I mean it to be. When am rude, I don’t mean it.
  46. For kids: Ignore Home works, Save Trees!
  47. When you blindly trust a person, you may end up having a friend for a life or a lesson for a life.
  48. The more you love; the more you trust, the more it hurts.
  49. I know JUDO….. Its a four lettered word.
  50. A slogan loved by woman; ‘Buy one get one free’.
  51. I am just single. Not saint.
  52. Confidence on your face is the best makeup.
  53. Parents should be like Google so that they know what I want even before I finish saying.
  54. Insults too look good……….. if it is not yours
  55. The best machine to impress a girl. ATM
  56. Love is a wind; just feel it and can’t see.
  57. Loving one person forever is one of the greatest achievements.
  58. Words are too powerful; can make you happy or can hurt you.
  59. Love is a single soul comprising of two bodies.
  60. When a man is listening to a woman, he is already at midway in love.
  61. Synonym of failure : A postponed success.
  62. Take a less travelled road, avoid traffic jams.
  63. Time is too precious to waste after reading whatsapp statuses.
  64. Bitter words don’t hurt me. I have antivirus in my mind.
  65. The richer I get, the more the things go expensive.
  66. I am just bad; not worst.
  67. Failures are bundles of lessons to learn.
  68. Be expressive, not impressive.
  69. Personality is the thing which will make you stay in other’s mind for longer.
  70. Man spends more time in hiding things than expressing them.
  71. I have enough money, but I have a wife too.
  72. No one is right when two people are arguing
  73. The best feature of mobile phones : you can switch them off.
  74. Everyone feels like Alexander when they fall in love.
  75. God created the world; the rest was made of course in China.
  76. Chinese girlfriends are best; they won’t be there for long.
  77. Looking back will not bring back the time to you.
  78. Forget the bad experiences but remember the lessons they taught.
  79. The messiest thing in the world : women’s handbags.
  80. Love has no reason. Foolishness too.
  81. Never get so attached to someone that it becomes difficult to go away from them.
  82. Sometimes you just need to watch instead of saying a word.
  83. ‘I love you’ and ‘’SALE’ are the two things which can change woman’s mood at once.
  84. There wouldn’t be any failures if there were no exams.
  85. Falling in love is easy, staying there is difficult.
  86. Even the sun takes time to rise.
  87. Say no to alcohol after you finish drinking.
  88. When I think of myself, I feel god is just a great creator.
  89. Everyone’s life is a story, only few of them are bestsellers.
  90. Failures are bad only when you stop trying due to them.
  91. If you can’t understand me, raise your standards.
  92. Technology means smart phones and less working people.
  93. One more thing common in love and war : more to suffer and less to gain.
  94. When you say I Love you; do mean it.
  95. The person who loves you may make you hurt you; but he cries more than you.
  96. The most beautiful things of the world are just felt and not seen.
  97. Fights are cute when love is true.
  98. Loving is not enough sometimes, it has to express in your gestures.
  99. If hatred is the virus, love is medicine.
  100. In love you think of other’s happiness than yours.
  101. Love is a lifetime opportunity.
  102. Whenever you think of giving up, just take a deep breath and start again.
  103. An apple a day keeps the doctor away; if the doctor is handsome, keep the apple away.
  104. Newton started with an apple. Steve ended with an apple.
  105. Jealousy is the biggest waste of time.
  106. When you don’t have something, the best one is in store for you. Its a matter of waiting.
  107. Nothing is impossible…. for you!
  108. Life is so strange; best of the people make worst mistakes sometimes.
  109. Do not go for the favourite color. Go for the one which makes your picture complete.
  110. Chocolates are nothing, but the smile and sharing it brings are sweeter.
  111. I know I am not successful yet, my road to success is under construction.
  112. I am not lazy but I enjoy relaxing too much.
  113. Doctor suggested seafood diet. I just see the food before eating.
  114. Smile at your enemies, it may make them mad or change them.
  115. Stop reacting at the upsetting words. They are not more powerful than you.
  116. I am not special; I am just trying to be.
  117. Married life is like a workshop where woman shops and man works.
  118. When we get conscious of health, we are just out of health.
  119. When asked how are you doesn’t mean you tell your friends of your indigestion.
  120. People don’t believe in magic until they fall in love.
  121. Advice for girls: the person who makes you cry does not deserve you; the one who deserve you will never make you cry.
  122. Love makes you like even the weakness of the person.
  123. Falling in love is heaven; parting in love is hell.
  124. The feeling of love is like seeing a rainbow in the sky.
  125. Love makes you feel complete when you don’t have anything with you.
  126. Mistakes can only tell you what you should not do.
  127. True friends will only tell you when your face is dirty. Others may laugh.
  128. Keep smiling at others; it won’t kill you anyway.
  129. You don’t need earth shaking talents; common sense and love are just good.
  130. Life was too simple when the apple and blackberry were the names of the fruits only.
  131. See that your life doesn’t turn into a state when you have mobiles but no people to talk.
  132. I can do many things with my eyes shut. Sleeping is one of them.
  133. Best friends are like parachutes. They come into action when you need them most.
  134. All is well if the end is well. If its not well, its not the end.
  135. Getting up to move on is the true championship.
  136. Miracles are everywhere, just have eyes to see it.
  137. Life only has two options – Do or die!
  138. When you find no way, just use common sense.
  139. If you are going through hell, the heaven must be somewhere near.
  140. Trust you dreams, they will come true.
  141. You can see stars only in darkness.
  142. Think well before doing anything; life doesn’t show error messages.
  143. No learning, No earning.
  144. Childhood was better. We grew up and learned to remember fights.
  145. Don’t drink while driving, it may spoil your clothes.
  146. You are not born just to breathe and earn.
  147. Brains are wonderful only if used.
  148. I observe many funny things at my office. Salary is one of them.
  149. The boss is always right.
  150. Love is truly an unmatched feeling. Readiness to die for someone is just the height of it.
  151. Love has no explanations.
  152. Love has never to say sorry.
  153. No love, No God. Know Love, Know God.
  154. Love is a mysterious bird. Try to cage it and it will fly out. Try to get rid of it, it will be with you always.
  155. Love is the most beautiful. Its the most painful sometimes.
  156. Love is the best medicine for broken hearts.
  157. Everyone does not have a power to make you fall in love.
  158. Love can turn the haughtiest person into a humble one.
  159. Love is the most mysterious emotion.
  160. Love carries thousands of cares, dreams and sacrifices.
  161. To love is the greatest talent of the world.
  162. Every human does not need to have earth shaking talent. Just common sense and love are sufficient.
  163. When everything dies, love will remain.
  164. A woman in love is one of the most beautiful women on earth.
  165. Love is an exam where results are not important.
  166. Never ask me ‘how are you’ when you are away from me. I am never fine without you.
  167. With every passing day I miss you more and more, I long to see you more and more.
  168. I hear your voice in every tune I listen; my eyes keep on searching you in every face I see. Is this the magic called love?
  169. Your love taught me to discover myself.
  170. The best ever thing you do in love is sacrifice.
  171. Love makes you humble in every way.
  172. Treat your Wife well. This way you are teaching your son how to treat women and you are teaching your daughter what to expect from men.
  173. I never thought of myself seriously until I loved you.
  174. If you want to love truly someone, learn to respect.
  175. My first and last wish is just to be with you always.
  176. Everything seems perfect. Missing you is beyond my control.
  177. Love is sweeter than any sweet, when it hurts, its bitter than any pain.
  178. My only day-dream is somewhere on the way, I will catch your glimpse.
  179. My life was just a run, until you came at the most beautiful turn. Now with all its worries, life seems a like a fun.
  180. The biggest pain is inability to tell your loved one ‘I love you’.
  181. Love is in vain without respect and trust.
  182. If love is a mistake, its the beautiful one.
  183. True love gets expressed through eyes.
  184. Love is not everything in life; but it makes everything beautiful in life.
  185. I am good at multi-tasking. I am thinking of you while doing anything.
  186. Only love can make life worth living.
  187. Person whom we love never go away, they be on our side always silently.
  188. If you love someone, just go and express it.
  189. Love infects everyone alike.
  190. True love is never ending.
  191. Love teaches to learn everything.
  192. Its not love which hurts, loving a wrong person can.
  193. Love may not be your first or last chapter but the best one.
  194. Caring is the first step towards loving.
  195. Love is like a wild flower sometimes; not carry at home.
  196. Love is the universal force loved by all.
  197. Love is a flame of passion.
  198. Only rule of love is, be true to your lover.
  199. You should trust me. I may or may not.
  200. Love is meant to be genuine, not perfect.
  201. Saying I love you is much easier than proving it.
  202. When you start looking for someone everywhere, you are surely in love.
  203. Love happens; as its human to err.
  204. You will find lot of pretty woman at spring because during other seasons you don’t need them.
  205. If a way to a man’s heart goes through a stomach, they should be going to their lovers to eat some soup.
  206. The more you love a woman, the more she will need it.
  207. A single lives like a human, but dies like a donkey.
  208. When a man insists that he has no bad habits, it means does it occasionally.
  209. Weak men have a girlfriend, strong man girlfriends.
  210. Love me for what I am, not for what you want me to be.
  211. If a man cheats his wife four times, he will come back home soon. Rule of geometry says back to square.
  212. When looking at a woman an old man remembers, the young one – wishes.
  213. To err is human, to err again and again is inhuman.
  214. Don’t every try to follow me by my status. I may be lying sometimes.
  215. Bow little to someone and he may salute you.
  216. Worst decision : I will not try again.
  217. Words are mere words but they mean a lot to whom they are addressed.
  218. When you truly want success, you’ll never give up on it.
  219. Your life is your responsibility. Live it well.
  220. Don’t regret for what you have done. Regret for what you din’t.
  221. Life is boredom without challenges.
  222. Believe in desire for success than chance of failure.
  223. Life can’t be happy. Only moments can.
  224. Leave the place where you are tolerated and not celebrated.
  225. Welcome worries with ease and they will be much easier to carry.
  226. Everyone has to carry his own cross.
  227. A repentance can turn the sin into blessing.
  228. A willingness to get well is the first medicine of any illness.
  229. I don’t want to settle down. I ll rather move on.
  230. When you say ‘its hard to do’, actually you are not strong enough.
  231. Before you look sad, think some people stay happy looking at your happiness.
  232. Its painful to love someone and ignored in return.
  233. It takes a minute to love someone and a lifetime to forget someone.
  234. Seek and you shall find it.
  235. Think and speak. A careless world may cost you a lot.
  236. Never laugh at someone’s cost.
  237. Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, ends with a pain.
  238. When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you were happy.
  239. Live your life so that when you die, you’re  smiling and everyone around you are crying.
  240. A saddest thing in life happens when you meet someone who means a lot to you, only to find out in the end that it was never meant for you.
  241. While teaching others, we too learn something more.
  242. Learn to appreciate what you have.
  243. Live only for today. From yesterday just learn.
  244. Don’t judge your kids as per your times.
  245. God is everywhere watching everything.
  246. Missing you is the only thing I can do well in your absence.
  247. Don’t get scared if you are slow. Get scared of standing still.
  248. Value is greater thing to consider than cost.
  249. Loneliness is better than bad companies.
  250. Find a way if you want to do something or find an excuse.
  251. When you are busy growing young, don’t forget some are growing old.

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