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Would you like to be heard? Perhaps, TrendinIndia.com is the right platform for the people like you who have a knack of writing an exception piece of content. We maintain a high quality standard. If you have a flair for writing tech, design, Indian news, politics, sports, sarcasm or anything related to India, then you are most welcome to write article for us. Your writing will be distributed to several thousands of royal readers. Kindly, follow the guidelines given here before applying for the “Author” position.


Let us reiterate again. We only accept high quality articles over here. If you are an SEO agency that is looking for a backlink, then it is a right time to close this page. We do not entertain such articles that is written for the mere purpose of backlink only. Having said that, we do not mind if you link to other useful website for the reference purpose.

What we accept

  • We do not like small articles and anything less than 500 words is rejected
  • We do accept small articles in case if it is creative and has a better scope to go viral
  • Make sure your article is unique and is not published on your own website
  • Article should pass Copyscape and should not be plagiarized from other website
  • We are not Grammer nazi but do expect a readable article from the author
  • Do add necessary images, video etc while submitting the article for review
  • Add necessary H2, H3, H4 tags and ALT tags in the image
  • It is writers duty to cross check the authenticity of the article
  • Socially active person/company/ firm

What we don’t accept

  • Poorly written article
  • Hateful article that is solely written to target specific person, religion, region etc
  • Keyword rich article (yeah, we hate such articles)
  • We do not need SEO optimized article but rather reader optimized article
  • Repeated offender will be permanently banned and will not get any benefit
  • Do not write the article for the sake of backlink
  • Article with excessive backlinks will be removed
  • Nude images, pornographic or anything adult oriented content is not accepted here
  • Article without image (s)
  • In case, if someone files a rightful DMCA complaint against your article, then your account will be banned immediately and all the previous balance will be stopped as a penalty. We are very strict against copyright issues
  • Copyrighted software, app, movie, song, image or any form of content are not allowed to be published unless it is under GPL or available for free to distribute with proper credit

We reserve all the rights on the content published here, however, we shall not be held liable for copyright issues. Once the article is published, the author no longer has the RIGHT to redistribute the content on other websites. Of course, the article will be published under your name and will remain on the website as long as it meets our standard.

What to write?

TrendinIndia.com is a multi topic blog. You are allowed to write anything that interests Indian readers. There is a  wide scope as long as topics are concerned. Some of the topics that we cover here are

  • Education
  • Government Jobs
  • Bollywood
  • Cricket
  • Sports
  • TV Show
  • Politics
  • Beauty Tips
  • Technology
  • Funny articles
  • Satirical articles
  • Trending News related to India
  • How tos (we are looking for authors in this caegory)
  • Cooking (we are looking for authors in this category)
  • eCommerce or industry trend

In case, if your category is not included, then you can write to us about the same. We are open to all sort of suggestions and do not mind adding a new category just for you 😀


Use the below contact form or send an email to the andycage111@gmail.com

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