India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun audition date

India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun Audition Date

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&TV India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun 2015 Auditions & Registration Date

King Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) is all geared to come back on the television screens to do some thriller, with a unique reality game show on a new TV channel &TV, launched by Zee Entertainment Enterprise Limited. The show will be aired on 2nd March 2015 at 9:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Shah Rukh, who started his showbiz career from TV itself — via fiction shows like ‘Fauji’ and ‘Circus’, is going to host “India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun?”, a unique game show. The format of the show is more about intuitiveness than knowledge as the contestant faces questions from people of different professions, ages and gender. We know every one of us are eagerly waiting to watch and participate in the show. And therefor we are presenting this article to provide you with &TV India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun Auditions date.  If you wish to participate in the contest then you can read the information given here. 

India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun audition date

About the Game Show

The concept of the show is adapted from an international (Israeli) game show “Who’s Asking”, where the common man will act as ‘Asker’ as well as ‘Contestant’. This question-answer game show is about common man, may be he is a bus driver, your doctor, or your cook – each has a question for the contestants. The questions that have been asked by the common man, will be answered by the common man himself to win the prize money. This unique game show is host by non other than the Badshaah of Bollywood, who resides in the hearts of millions – Shah Rukh Khan. It is presumed that this new game show till change the dynamics of non fiction formats on India Television. You can even watch India poochega sabse shaana kaun online for free

. The channel will be broadcasting it for free for Indian consumers.

How to Participate and get Registered for Audition?

Audience are very excited and want to know the registration process, audition details, prices, price money etc. We have try to covered all this information in this article. The price money of the game show is Rs. 1 Crore. And the registration process to participate in the game game is given below:

  1. To participate in this show, interested participants are required to submit his/her entry by posting 1 (one) creative and unique question, answer of which is based on the logic and common sense applied by a common person.
  2. In order to submit the entry, participants are required to log on to the any of the Entry Platforms through his/ her valid and existing Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or Google + accounts.
  • Click on the post created on the Entry Platforms by the Company and submit or post his/her Entry by typing out his/her Question.
  1. Entry shall be accepted from February 5th, 2015 at 6:00 pm and end on February 12th, 2015 at 11:59 pm.
  2. Participants shall be free to submit or provide entries innumerable times.
  3. On the basis of the uniqueness and creativity of the valid Entry submitted by the participant/s, the company shall solely at its discretion, shortlist and declare such number of participants as deemed fit to take part in the game show.
  • The shortlisted Participants shall be entitled to visit the set of the program, to be a member of the audience for one episode. The participant is also allow to personally ask the Question submitted by him/her in selected Entry to the contestant playing the game in that particular episode.

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So guys, get ready be a part of the show as a participant. We hope you all get handful information about the &TV India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun 2015 Auditions & Registration Details. In case of any query or suggestions kindly put your comments below. For more updates more latest updates about the show you should watch &TV regularly or stay tuned with us.

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  1. Me tohid one call is coming to me from acting carrer production house and he is saying me you are selected and registration fees is 3509 please comment fast that take decision to say yes

  2. i do want to participate on india poochega shana kaun. but the last date is 5th feb 2015. today is april 2015 , how could i participate to your show india poochega shana kaun? pls reply

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