Top 5 Ways To Keep Up The Pace Of Your Beauty And Style Needs

The growth of fashion in the 21st century has been the fastest when compared to the past and this year 2016 promises to bring a lot more advances and the most off-beat perceptions of fashion. Whether bootcut jeans, streaky hair highlights from the 2000’s, the emo/Biber hair in 2008 or the bangs hairstyle that was […]

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smokey eye makeup

Smokey Eye Makeup : How to get a Perfect Smokey Look for Eyes!

Smokey Eyes: Get Tips for Perfect Smokey Eye Look A woman’s eyes speak more than her lips can. They are ever expressive and adding charisma to her personality and body language. Eyes are the most appealing part of your face and can not be ignored when you are getting ready to kill. Smoke eye makeup […]

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