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Sushant Singh Rajput Appears at DID Super Moms 2

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Watch Sushant Singh Rajput at DID Super Moms

TV shows have always been a great place to market their movie for TV stars. DID super moms 2 is getting a good TRP and is very popular among the adults, especially moms. The ‘Detective Byomakesh Bakshi’ star Sushant Singh Rajput visited DID super moms set for the promotion of his film which will be hitting the big screens today. Perhaps, this was the high time for the moms and other spectators to watch the upcoming star performing in front of him. He has not only won the hearts of the Indian crowds but the Bollywood stars as well. In between, he also promoted his film’s fashion line by flaunting it at the Amazon India Fashion week which just got through during last week at Delhi. While he was definitely looking very smart and daring at his crime thriller release, he will be also seen shaking legs with Govinda on the stage of DID Super Moms tomorrow. He himself is a mateur dancer and will be at DID Super Moms along with the panel of the judges, Govinda, Geeta Kapoor and Terence.

DID Supermom Judges Photo

DID Super Moms Season 2 has just kicked off and it is keeping up its popularity quite well with the new season. Talented super moms from many cities of India are here after many auditions. Though the season 2 is just started, we are already entertained by amazing performances of many participants. The reality TV show and talent shows has always topped the chart of television world. Even, stars like Anupam Kher

have also routed for the small screen and doing really well. The rumor has it that Sushant Singh will also appear on the comedy nights with Kapil TV show.

In case, if you are excited about this and would like to watch him live, then you shouldn’t miss today’s episode. At tomorrow’s episode, you will get to watch Sushant’s amazing performance along with the performance of the supermoms Sowmyashree at the dance song “Jumme ki Raat” from his upcoming movie.

Would you also like to see the contestants of upcoming season of Nach Baliye dance show? The TV show is expected to hit the television very soon. More information was provided in the previous article.

Sushant Singh dancing with Govindia

The star of much acclaimed ‘Kaipo Che’ movie will also be bringing the stage of DID Super Moms alive as he will be seen getting on his feets with superstar Govinda. You can also watch episodes of DID Super Moms Season 2 online easily with the hotstar app and live streaming channel in the article. The glimpses of the episode are already on the small screen at ZeeTV and DID fans will be equally elated to see Sushant at the episode. Sushant is all praises for the Super Mom Sowmyashree as she delivers the number with all passion and excitement. He will not be able to resist to reach the stage to cheer Sowmyashree for her superb performance.

We hope the DID Super Moms Season 2 will be bringing up more dash of spices as the further episodes will roll on.

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