Declare your wedding aplomb and invite the near and dear ones with charisma and flamboyance. The invitation is the first glimpse of the wedding celebrations to be. It gives an idea what to except. It’s true that the celebration of the wedding has its inception through the wedding card. There is now a huge accessory available in the assembling of an invitation card. The card can be personalized through a paper, creative craft, illustrations, monogram, color, motifs etc. Where text is concerned the fonds are many and decorative. Moreover, the text can be made more appealing through religious text, charming poetry, or funny verse. This appeals to the guest and they look forward to the event. Some of the designs of the card are; –

Boxed invitation arouses curiosity as to what remains inside. It is a matter of surprise as well as delight. Majority of the people select the rectangular card with different kinds of decorations. The card within the envelope are usually three; they state the details about the Mehndi, Sangeet and wedding program. The lift the flap card has details of all functions under each flap. It is a spirited card handled in a play way method. The unique pop up cards are full of pep and even children enjoy reading it. So many times pop up fan card is given for destination wedding. The unconventional playing cards invitation card is suited to pool or beach weddings. Funny text cards may state things like come for the wedding with dress code-keep your clothes on. Youngsters love this kind of card. Another such card may state doomsday has arrived keep me company. It brings the smile to all age groups. Some may opt for caricatures of the bride and the groom on the card. It looks adorable and has appeal. The overly customized card has the photo of the bride and groom on top. It looks exclusive.

Text and font size variations on different colored background bring the best effect. Maroon and golden colors go very well. The different fond style of writing is the highlight of the card. The decoration on the card with items like lace and burlap makes it look stunning. The effect is modern as well as rustic. Many take the help of an artist to décor the card. The theme is in accordance with the venue of the wedding.


Luxury wedding venues In Delhi includes farmhouses and 5-star hotels dotted on the prestigious locations of the city. These venues are booked well in advance and f planning is not done you may not get the place of your choice. The lavish banquet halls are also well equipped to cater to the weddings of the wealthy and demanding customers.  Booking the venue of the wedding is the first step in the preparation of the event.  At these locations, the most complicated and populous wedding is carried out smoothly with the help of the venue professionals. It is very convenient for the parents of both sides.  All you must do is to tell the venue to people the budget, and the specific requirement. They will arrange everything.

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