Artificial Intelligence in Sports


Yes, we can understand the feelings of surprise on your face. When you read about artificial intelligence making quite an impact in home improvement and every industry, you were not surprised. But now, when you read the title, the feelings of joy overcame that of surprise. Now you want to read the article on how this new technology can bring about beneficial changes in sports.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Sports

This industry is sure to cross 100 billion dollars by 2025. Now, shall we go into the details?

1. Automated Journalism

There are many cricket lovers who watch the match and read the newspapers the next day as a habit. Why, there are scores of cricket fans who prefer a particular cricket journalist article because of the words he/she may put in the content. The words, when read, can mesmerize you about the beautiful nature of the language, English. For example, let us imagine a cricket match. A cricket has hit a century. When the famous columnist writes, he uses the words such as – The cricketer used his bat like a sword cutting through the no yorkers to all parts of the ground.

Now, this job of writing content can be done by AI machines. Now, the same content can be written even more by an AI robot. For example, the AI tool of Washington Post is Heliograph. So far, it has published a few hundred articles of every genre. Visualize the situation after five years. There may be a situation when you walk into a reporter office and see the machines churning out articles by the dozens on a single day. This new innovative method is one among the many benefits given by Artificial Intelligence in sports.

2. Chatbots

Imagine yourself watching a Grand Slam tennis event. In the middle of the game, you get a doubt regarding the tennis game. Instead of searching on Google, you go to a specific sports website and ask the question in the visitor section. You get the correct answer to your doubt. Now, please note, that there may be no human sitting at the other end. It might be a chatbot. These AI-powered applications can work 24/7 and can solve simple queries related to any sport.

Let us move to another example. Do you know about The Sacramento Kings in the NBA? They have a chatbot which gives the apt response to fan queries. They can provide information about franchise history, details and roster.

So, the fans of Sacramento Kings will definitely grow in number. It won’t be long before every sporting club follows this trend to keep their fans loyal and happy. This is one of the other benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Sports.

3. Wearable Gadgets

You read the article and imagined right about the fitness gadgets in the market today. Right? For example – Fitbit. Some devices work on AI applications and give the perfect result in terms of training and performance to an athlete to upgrade his/her skills and performance.

Now let us step again to the enchanting world of Cricket.

4. Analytics

Enough of responses and writing content. Now let us step into the field of analytics. Yes, there is the Cricket World Cup 2019. Now, AI applications are going to impact in a big way. The Bangalore startup Spektacom has an AI sticker which when attached to the bat can give accurate information about the quality and speed of the shot and other parameters. All the data collected will get used to increasing the concerned player performance and the team.

Name any sport. It is mostly played between two teams. But there are other people who are involved. So, you have the coaches, the management team, and most importantly, the team strategists. Based on the data given, and the player’s performance in previous matches, an AI tool can predict the failure or victory of a team in a sport.

Yes, but there is a challenge too. An AI tool can do the job, but it cannot think like a human. So, the data fed has to be perfect. Or else, it may give rise to grave errors that are now possible to solve as AI Predicts an unknown Human Ancestor.


So, have you read the article on Artificial Intelligence in Sports? Now let us move to bike riding and artificial intelligence. This new technology has also crept into bike designing technology. Kawasaki has made the move forward by implementing AI systems in their bikes. Now, they have the AI system that can adapt to the rider. By having different types of sensor that can allow communication between the bike and rider, the movement from one place to another is made easy. In the future, Kawasaki plans to have an Emotion Engine to the future machines. This technology can actually sense the moods of rider and emotions.

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AI will then go to the next level. Now, if you are not a bike lover, you will give the maintenance service to the bike only after a problem. And it will be during an emergency. But in the future, the bikes will have AI applications that may send an alert to your mobile. Let us imagine a situation in 2025. You have a sports bike and participate in races and competitions. You stay in Bangalore. If the maintenance service is due, the bike can send an alert to your mobile and also inform you of the best bike mechanics in Bangalore near your home.

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