happy fathers day

Happy Father’s Day- Idea and Suggestion for Fathers Day 2014


Father, is son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. Don’t you think that we should do something special to make the honoring day a memorable one, so even, when we are not around, memories can still bring smile on his face. Usually in our regular life, we miss out to appreciate the efforts our dad make to give us good life, so this is the day, the opportunity to make him feel special. Let’s celebrate and make efforts to make this day a happy father’s day. This article will help you to understand the importance and will help you with ideas to make the special day a fabulous and unforgettable day.

happy fathers day

Happy Father’s day beginning:

Spokane, Washington celebrated father’s day first time on 19th June, 2014 and the credit for this celebration goes to Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd. The idea to honor father came to her mind when she heard the mother’s day sermon in the year 1909. She felt if there is a day to honor mother than there should be a day to honor dad as well. She had seen how lovingly her dad had taken care of her family in absence of her mother. This article will help you with happy father’s day

Sonora’s mother died when she was just 16, her dad Mr William Jackson Smart, raised Senora and 4 other children’s in the family with love, care and affection. He was a civil war veteran.  Sonora started a serious campaign to celebrate special day for father’s day in US. The time she started the campaign YMCA and Spokane Ministerial association supported her in this campaign.

In the countries where Catholic Church as more influence, father’s day is celebrated on St Joseph’s day which is on 19th March, every year. In most of the other countries it is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of the June month.

happy fathers day

Modern day Celebration

In modern day happy father’s day has gained much more popularity, it is celebrated in many countries on different dates.  Though the celebration first time started in US, but has gained importance in other countries as well like Australia, France, Germany, India, New Zealand, Japan and many other countries. If you want to know more, you can follow father’s day 2014 blog and check all the updates made by them. It is not only celebrated to honor father, but to honor all father entity like grandfather, step father, uncles, foster father and any person that plays a important role in kids life.

In modern days, children’s give gifts or greeting cards to their loving dad to show appreciation and express love. The classic gifts over the years have been tie, smoke pipe, greeting card, flower bouquet and Pen. People also send father’s day message to others to share the love towards father.

happy fathers day

Ideas for Happy Father’s day

This day comes once a year, why not spend some time with dad, plan a family outing. Many families have done so in past and parents have to say, that it was the best day in their life and the memories will last forever. It will give you chance to play and spend some quality time with your dad. It also helps in knowing our parents better.

If it is not possible to go for outing, why not plan for father’s day meal, help your dad and mom in the kitchen and house chores. Spending time with the family is the best time, you will always remember and when you are away, you would regret that you cannot spend time together. So if possible spend time with dad. Make him feel special and most importantly do not forget to wish him a happy father’s day. If you are away from dad, make sure you call him up, talk to him and wish him; this is the perfect time, to thank him and express your love. Try to make a call to your dad, first thing in the morning; he would be surprised and glad to hear you say “you are the best dad, thank you for everything”.

You can give your dad a gift or a greeting card, write few inspirational quotes or messages, you can also be innovative and write something special of your own, maybe something which you always wanted to say but haven’t said yet. You can also follow our festival section to get the regular updates about the different occasions.

As you have read through the article, happy father’s day, I am sure it would have helped you to understand, how the celebration started and how can you make this day a special day in your dad’s life. So make use of the ideas given in the article and make the day a thrilling and unforgettable day in your dad’s life.

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