Best ‘Creative Halloween Costumes’ Ideas 2015


What is Halloween?

Halloween is celebrated on the evening of the 31st of October, one day before the Christian feast called All Saint’s day. All saints day is a day dedicated to the mourning of the death of the saints and the recently departed souls who haven’t yet reached heaven. All Saints day is also called All Hallows day, hence the evening before is call All Hallow eve, which later on was called Halloween.

Now over the years Halloween is a special occasion where young children go out into the neighborhood “trick or treating”. They ask for candy or money as a treat, or they perform a trick. This dates back to medieval times when people paraded the streets before the ”All Feasts day” and asked for food.


Modern take on Halloween

The modern take on Halloween has changed slightly since what it used to be. It is a time of trick-or-treat ‘in and if you’ve outgrown that, it’s the time for Halloween parties!

One of the most exciting things to do on Halloween is getting dressed in costumes for the parties or to go trick or treating. Here below we will let you know easy Halloween costumes ideas for adult, kids and women.

Here are a few Halloween 2015 Costumes ideas you could try this Halloween.


 Creative Halloween Costumes | Easy Halloween Costumes

The Zombie costume for Halloween 2015

This costume is easy to pull off and can be carried off by both, boys and girls. All you’d require is clothes (torn at places) stained with red paint all over. This paired along with some simple make up (there area number of zombie make up tutorials on YouTube, ranging from simple to outrageous).

Given with the theme of Halloween, which is a day dedicated to the dead, the Zombie costume would be the perfect bet.





The Joker, from batman Halloween Costumes Ideas

Everyone out there is a huge Batman fan. We’ve all seen the movies and read the comic books and there’s no other character as interesting as the Joker (after batman obviously)

The costume would require you to dress up in a simple purple suit (or anything similar). Again for the make up there are simple videos, which could guide you, but basically you’d need to whiten the face and have smeared lipstick on the lips! This would make a classic Halloween costume.

joker halloween look-trendinindia


batman the dark knight rises gif joker gif catwoman11

happy halloween 2015-trendinindia

halloween 2015 images-trendinindia

The Sims costume for Halloween 2015

Everyone out there has at some point of his or her life played (or heard about) the game “The Sims.” Playing the character from the game would be a simple yet creative Halloween costume idea.

All you’d have to do is make florescent neon Sims Diamond/Plumb. You can wear this on your head and pair with any simple dress. This would make for a fun, simple and creative costume.

SIMS 4 halloween costumes -trendinindia

Superhero costumes for Halloween 2015!

If you can’t find anything that works for you, you could dress up as a superhero. There are a number of options available both for men and women. Costumes would be easily available for rent or buy at extremely low rates. This could work well for people who don’t have the time to make a costume.





It’s simple and fun and with a little creativity you can even modify the costume.

There are a host of YouTube videos which show you DIY videos of creative Halloween costumes and make up. All you need to do is a little searching around.

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