How to Set Live Wallpaper for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


The two new flagships of Apple, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are packed with a slew of features that were not available to their predecessors. The iOS firmware of these phones (iOS9) introduces some exciting tools and features that are sure to lure many into buying them. For instance, Live Wallpaper and 3D touch are the two applications creating a lot of buzz among the iPhone loyalists across the globe. Those who bought iPhone 6 missed out on these features. However, they need not fret and shell out fortune this year again on these newest versions of iPhone. There are some jailbreak techniques that allow the users of older iPhones to hack their devices and use these features.

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Live Wallpaper for iPhone is a wonderful new feature and is exclusively available to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users. With this feature, you can have animated wallpapers on the screen of your phone. You can also set the Live Photos in the background using this tool. Live Wallpaper also has a still version for the older devices. However, if you are not settling for any compromises and want to use the full featured version of this tool on the older devices with iOS9, then you can use LiveWallEnabler tweak.

This tweak will bring the Live Wallpaper functionality to a great extent to the iPhone 6 model. Once this tweak is installed, you can simply to go the Wallpaper settings in the Settings and give the animated background to the Lock Screen. The users of 6s model need to use the 3D Touch to be able to use the Live Wallpaper for iphone 6. However, the users of iPhone 6 will be able to activate it by long pressing the screen.

This tweak will also add the ‘Live’ category in the Wallpaper settings. Apple does not offer this feature on the models that do not support 3D Touch. This is the reason why it is not available by default on the 6 and 6 Plus phones.

To get this package, developer’s repository needs to be added as a Cydia source – Live Wallpaper can be downloaded on your iPhone 6 after you have installed the Mega app, which is available at the App Store. You will also need to install iFile from Cydia. Here are the steps.

How to enable live wallpaper for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

  • Click/tap on the download link on Cydia’s tweak page corresponding to the model of your phone. You will be redirected to the Mega app. You will be asked to either download the file to the phone or save it on the cloud network. Make sure that the file is downloaded to the app and not the cloud.
  • After the completion of the download, the package will be visible in the Offline tab. You will now need to tap the file one time. A Share button will appear on the right corner at the top – tap that as well. Here, you will need to choose the option ‘Copy to iFile.’
  • The file will now be available in iFile. Tap the file and then tap the installer which will appear in the next menu. The wallpaper installation process will start and will complete in a few seconds. Once the installation is complete, tap the ‘Done’ button.

Thus, you will be able to set live wallpaper for iphone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

Free Download Live Wallpapers for iphone 6s series

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Blue Yellow Fish 462 × 824

Blue Ink 656 × 1168

Orange Fish 656 × 1168

Purple Ink 656 × 1168

Blue Fish 656 × 1168

White Ink 656 × 1168

Still Wallpapers:

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