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Surya vs Surya – Movie Review and Full Songs


Surya vs Surya is an offbeat Telugu movie released on 5th of March. Right from beginning it has gained critical acclaim with the media and folk. The star cast of Surya vs Surya includes Nikhil Siddhartha, Tridha Choudhury and Madhubala in lead. The lead actor Nikhil has taken the accolades with his stunning performance as Surya who is suffering from a very rare genetic disease named Porphyria which may kill him upon his exposure to sunlight. The movie is all about his struggle of managing life during nights and winning his soul-mate.

Surya vs Surya


The movie is directed by Karthik Ghattamaneni and Produced by Malkapuram Shivakumar. The music scores are by Satya Mahaveer. The story is good enough to hold the audience and the film also has a cute romantic touch. However the epicenter of the movie Surya vs Surya is actor Nikhil’s performance played with great intense emotions. The newcomer Tridha Chowdhary has also made a beautiful impact in the movie.

Full Songs of Surya vs Surya

The music of film comprises of five songs mostly romantic songs and has already created a swirl of popularity.

Here is the link to listen and view to the songs of Surya vs Surya

telugu movie suurya vs surya


Another offbeat feature of film is that most of the movie is shot during nights. The twist in the movie is when this 19 year old boys suffering from rare disease of not able to face sunlight falls in love with a girl played by Tridha Chowdhury. The girl rejects him after realizing his disorder. However the movie then revolves around how Surya wins back his beloved in midst of all odds.

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The beautiful night scenes showing heart touching friendship of Nikhil with his two friends played by Bharania and Satya are endearing. The first half of movie is also carrying comic moments and entertains audience at its utmost. In spite of slow and sentimental second half, the movie overall is a must watch due to its distinct story and excellent performances by the lead actor.

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