Top 5 Ways To Keep Up The Pace Of Your Beauty And Style Needs


The growth of fashion in the 21st century has been the fastest when compared to the past and this year 2016 promises to bring a lot more advances and the most off-beat perceptions of fashion. Whether bootcut jeans, streaky hair highlights from the 2000’s, the emo/Biber hair in 2008 or the bangs hairstyle that was trending in 2015, you wouldn’t want to miss out on that or figure it out too late, would you?

With soo much happening around, it can be easy to miss what you would drool for. But with all the advances in technology, you can know just what is going on, as it does.

Here are 5 ways to make sure you don’t miss out on what can change your year!

  1. Mobile apps

You certainly know that we now live in the digital age, everything is being taken to the digital platform for convenience and a wider reach. Mobile technology and the Internet in specific has done wonders, making everything available at our fingertips.

In this fast paced time, it also gets difficult to catch up with all that we would like to be updated about, that’s where mobile apps do the magic; convenience at its best. For every beauty need, all you need is a smartphone and you have all the answers. Right from catering to hair styles, tattoo designs, nail art, makeup tutorials and dressing, there is everything you need.

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  1. Websites/ Blogs

The internet has always been the easiest solution for all age groups, right from a toddler to entertain him; a school going child to help in projects, for the youth to explore and learn and the young at heart to work and stay updated. Soon every industry had to step to the digital platform and establish their websites for a wider reach. Today, you can find thousands of websites and blogs that cater to fashion and beauty, with all the latest information, all that you need to know. Here, women from all around the world participate in conversations and express views as they are updated with daily news and the most sizzling updates about celebrities. They cover a wide range of woman beauty tutorials and fitness needs.

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  1. Online Shopping

The challenge with all this information and update is that not much can be done about it if you aren’t in a place with access to these brands. When markets widened and moved from just domestic to international shipping, people even in remote places and towns were able to enjoy the latest trends. With online shopping you can order all that you want from anywhere in the world; this bridges the lack of stores nearby and wealth of updates. Now you can sport all the latest looks that you wish to try and never be left behind the rest.

Most fear the idea of shopping online, but over the years, brands and companies have improved their trustworthiness and security of money. With cash on delivery, many customers are now at peace and are taking their first steps to shop online.

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  1. Improvise

Wouldn’t a red jumpsuit be perfect for a small town in India or Blackwater, USA? Not really!

The world is diverse with a variety of cultures and styles; every trend can’t be directly carried out in most places. Some can be inappropriate and some offending, so the best move you can make, rather what you should be doing in such cases is- improvise. You know whats not too hard for people around you, blend the new and old and you will be sure to stand out. This can vary to extremes in different parts of the world, so there is no right or wrong way to do it. Just experiment and improvise.


  1. Stay Updated

There is something new everyday, and you can never know everything that is going on. But, you can certainly know enough for you to take your fashion sense a few notches higher. Though you find something new to keep you going for a while, keep looking for inspiration and ideas on a regular basis. Certainly I can’t pull off everything that is trending, but if you can, there’s nothing that can get better than that. Be the first in you circle to kick off your new improvised trend or carry out something that will become the most wanted style a few months down the line. Which means you are not left behind!

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Be best you can be and keep the pace up you pretty ladies!

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