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Tattoo Design Trends


Tattoo Design Trends in India–for Women

Tattoos have traveled a long old distance from the Neolithic period to the pop culture period. In India, during ancient times tattoos were used by tribal’s as a traditional ritual to pass on their heritage to the younger ones. However; today the term “tattoos” have refashioned its importance with a personal significant value. In India, it has established its value as an art for self-expression and style. Tattoos are trending in India, since ages. Especially in ladies of Rajasthan and Kutchh, Gujarat and it is believed to have some holistic medicinal approach to have tattoos on some significant parts of the body.

There are various tattoos designs that have divine values having multi-expressive capabilities specially designed for women in India.  Let us have an insight on tattoo trends in India.


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tattoo design trends

Tattoo Trends in India

Signs for faith and love:

These are the most eye catcher tattoos for women. Women are more expressive, when it comes to love and worship. And so various love tattoos having a variable expression of passion, tenderness, faith, strength, love or peace that can be seen within them.

 tattoo trends in india for women


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faith and love tattoos


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A sign of honor- Quote tattoos:When you feel you are loved by someone or when you love someone, it’s natural to be whelmed. There are many who take the pain only to honor someone. Initials of husbands, quotes for mom, dad, sister or brother, a wedding gift in the form of tattoo on the ring finger are the examples of how one lady can give back the respect and love she has received.

It is also seen that pictures of spiritual sign (tattoos of Indian God) are highly rampant in India, to honor their God. India has a vast diversity when it comes to Gods and Goddess and this is also seen among tattoos.However these are also popular worldwide


tattoo trends in india


A tattoo to identify oneself – Butterfly tattoos:One of my friends when asked about her butterfly tattoo said that “I have undergone a millions of transformations. I have gone through pain and sufferings to reach where I am. I choose a butterfly as it mimics my life. It is my identity.” Some choose to tattoo their birth sign as it shows the reason for their being. Some write their own names while some write the phrases that suits them. Eg: “Free like a bird”, “Always happy”, “gangster” “ruler” etc, etc.


A tattoo showing birth sign is a representation of power within you that comes with your sign.

tatoo trends in india for women

Capturing Memories: There may many good or bad memories attached with you. For example it could be a picture of you grandparents stick or specs or even a phrase that your loved one used to recite with you. A woman can capture all the phases of her life in the form of pictures. One can even carve a song or lyrics that have touched their lives. It can be a signature of your loved one. Memories are never freed whether you capture it or not, but by tattooing you are only engraving its original value.

With a country like India, where emotions count, this trend is more popular.

tattoo design trends


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Expression of Art: A tattoo is a waste, if it has no meaning. Our mind looks to a millions of things and create a single image out of it. It is an art, an expression of all the million things in a single image. Black and grey tattoos are more common but can be altered to colors. A single image can let you travel the whole story.

tattoo trends in india

The youth of the country are more aware of how to carry their beliefs and messages through art. Among all these tattoos, angels tattoos angel wings tattoos are very famous trend among Indian women.


angel kissing tattoo


Tattoos are permanent markers which penetrate deep in to the layers of the skin. So, one must be aware of the type and design selected to be tattooed. Feelings and sensibilities of one individual changes with the change in time. To capture those in the form of tattoos is a great idea only if you are cocksure to be unregretful with the time. Though there are treatments available to remove the permanent tattoos, but it is said that the treatment for removal is more painful than having a tattoo itself. A tattoo means carrying something on your body for your lifetime. It will be always with you. Whether others can see it or not, but every now and then you are going to witness it and feel the feelings with it. So Indian women, generally go for tattoos of their sacred beliefs such as Aum or just the name of their kid or husband. Emotions are attached in every sector of Indian dealings so are the tattoos. Women who are trendier also prefers to go with simple tattoos such a rose or a butterfly. College girls prefer to have slogans related to their personalities, but they too are quite short such as “I can”, “I believe”, “Love you dad”. In Indian context, men have become more adventurous in tattoo world and have taken a step ahead to get major parts of their bodies tattooed.

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