How To Run A Successful Hashtag Challenge To Gain Popularity On TikTok


TikTok’s growth has proved that even short-form videos tend to acquire fame. TikTok’s launch in 2016 has created a revolution where people spoke more about its features. At first, people used it for entertainment purposes which slowly grew in the marketing field. Brand owners used this platform to create awareness of the products before the launch. TikTok’s growth is increasing day by day because of its connectivity through short videos looped by users. 

Why Are Hashtag Usage Necessary On TikTok?

Hashtags are necessary ones in TikTok, where they can increase the transparency of the content produced. Users can also find the content that they are in search of through the discovery page of TikTok. The Discovery page in TikTok uses to surf for the content that you thought. However, the For You Page shows up the user’s interests relating to their past experiences. On the discover page, search the hashtags that hit the trends and use them for your video. 

General hashtags of 2021 are: #like, #follow, #follow, #explore, #tiktok 

Whereas, the most popular hashtags on TikTok are: #foryoupage, #fyp, #followme, #memes

Practical Usage Of Hashtags: 

Hashtags help people to know their interests and you surf them using a specific phrase. The terminal could end with the reach beyond the followers. The best way is to create a hashtag of your own to make the audience get used to it. Without direct use of content, it can acquire a massive reach with the help of followers and hashtags. Hashtags are the easiest way to gain followers on TikTok. Hashtags provide opportunities to connect with the audience, which turn them into followers. 

Choose hashtags wisely because plenty of hashtags are also not suitable for a post. When you stuff a lot of hashtags, it can lead you to success. Ensure the maximum visibility of the content by using appropriate hashtags to boost TikTok followers, which acts as social proof to the audience. Also, note the time when the audience is available. It will help you analyze the post time of your video. However, many would ask whether the hashtag technique is worth applying to the TikTok video. Yes, they are worth the wait for fame. 

How To Research A Hashtag On TikTok?

Try to research the hashtags that have become trendy in recent times. Choose a hashtag that suits your contempt of yours and apply them. You should note that you need to look at the number of hashtags, and it’s necessarily not the highest number. It matters how similar they are to your content and where you can stand out the most. Video-specific hashtags are when you make a series of notes of hashtags and choose the relevant ones from them. The first hashtag is the essential one or the main hashtag, and in addition, you put two or three, which are called video-specific hashtags. 

How To Get Your Hashtag On The For You Page Of TikTok?

The two leading hashtags that relate to TikTok hashtags are #fyp and #foryoupage. TikTok mainly focuses on the video’s quality, and you see how they perform among the other hashtags. When you are unable to find the same hashtags, find the relevant ones. Relevant hashtags might include when creators and competitors who match your content use the specific hashtags for popular posts. 

Popular hashtags are the ones that have more competition among the people. So, the usage of popular hashtags might narrow the noticeable range of the video. Then popular hashtags use the less competitive ones. Once you raise the view of smaller hashtags, you would tend to reach the higher hashtags. The mix of popular and less competitive ones can help you rank better. 

Stick to the current trends in TikTok, where you can utilize the hashtags that suit your content. However, hashtags trends rise and fall. Notice the critical terms about the hashtags and fix are you using the one that is trending. Branded hashtags are the ones you must create yourself to help the followers find you. Here, launch a hashtag challenge where people can tag your brand in terms of the challenge.

Don’t limit yourself to the hashtags you use, and each one has a different effect on different audiences. As TikTok limits only 100 characters, which means make it simple and significant. Only three characters are allowed per hashtags. In terms of limitations, you can enter up to 33 hashtags in a caption. Comments can also use hashtags on TikTok. Hashtags can boost your online presence and spread a word that matches the brand to gain new followers. 

How Can Hashtags Be Implemented In Challenges?

Hashtags tend to go viral where not all challenges do it. Here are some ways which help you create and launch a successful branded hashtag challenge:

#1 Research Hashtags

The first and foremost way to quote content is to do complete research on the hashtags. Analyze each of the standard functionalities of what made them viral. Moreover, if you seek fame in a short period, think about the influencer’s collaborations. Choose the influencer who suits your brand and start the research process. 

#2 Share-Worthy Hashtags

The common element among the challenges on TikTok is they do share a specific hashtag. That specific hashtag has helped the video go viral. Challenges are the ones that make other people deliver their version. 

How to find a share-worthy hashtag?

  • Memorable hashtags are easily chosen and applied by people.
  • Simple spelling and easy-to-remember hashtags that could circulate among the audience.
  • Some work well if they have their brand names.

#3 Focus On Brands

Challenges must be relevant to the brands or the product. A lot of challenges come to existence, but for brands, they could match only a few. Connect with the term called branded hashtag challenge.


#4 Make Them Memorable

When you recall some of the challenges on TikTok, you could get the one that created an impact. Likewise, choose the hashtag challenges that are well versed so people would keep it a memorable one.

#5 Select The Engaging Audio

Another important thing while talking about hashtag challenges is audio. Sometimes a specific video could be trending because of its music. When you create the habit of choosing a wise video, you could succeed in a hashtag challenge. 

#6 Promote Your Challenge

The final way to where your product must be visible to the audience is through promoting the challenges. When you get to know the meaning of popularity, also note how to make them visible to all. Share them across social sites. 

Final Thoughts

Whenever a challenge seems to be in the trend, watch out for the hashtags that made it a success. Lay on the following measures that could help your video reach a broader audience in a span. 

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