suresh raina wedding pic

Latest Pictures/Photos of Suresh Raina’s Wedding

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Suresh Raina’s Wedding Pictures

Cricket heartthrob Suresh Raina gets married on 3rd April. Celebrity weddings have always been a top-notch headlines for media as well as masses as such wedding events are sure to be mesmerizing; full of all glitz and top brass guests. Moreover, fans are always keen to be associated with every now and then of their star idol; be it am actor or a cricketer. Cricket fans are already sharing tweets right from his expected guests to the menu highlights. Suresh Raina strictly informed media to remain away from the wedding and hence fans became more eager to know how the wedding set look like, how the new bride Priyanka looks like etc. Here is a brief info and pics on one of the finest wedding of 2015.

suresh raina wedding pic

Raina has got married to his childhood friend Priyanka Chaudhary who belongs to Meerut. Delhi is beaming with all celebrities and cricketers now as they all shared the same road leading to Suresh Raina’s wedding venue. One of the leading indian cricketers and a middle order batsman Suresh Raina is getting married to his childhood friend Priyanka whome he got engaged to recently during March. Here we bring the latest pics of Suresh Raina’s wedding event which also features celebrities who were gathered at the event.

Raina has been a popular player among cricket lovers  and was a key player at the recent ICC world cup. He will also be seen at IPL 20-20 as vice captain of Chennai Super Kings. Cricket fans will be definitely wanting to see their favorite player who tied knots right in mid of cricket festivals of ICC world cup and IPL 2015. Raina is said to fly back to Delhi for wedding from Chennai where he has been under a preparatory camp for upcoming Indian Premiere League tournament.

Pictures of Suresh Raina Wedding

As expected the wedding was exclusive and media was barred from the venue. Perhaps, this is the reason why there are only few pictures available. Would you like to know, how Suresh Raina was looking in a groom’s dress? What was he wearing? How was Priyanka Chowdhary looking? The wedding witnessed many VIPs and VVIPs from fashion, cricket and politics segment. Let us show you some more pictures of Suresh raina’s wedding to drench your thirst.

suresh raina wedding picture

suresh raina wedding picture 2

suresh raina wedding picture 3

suresh raina wedding pic

priyanka chowdhary

Apart from the wedding itself, media and cricket fans will be eager to know the host of celebrities who have glamorised the event. The wedding was scheduled today evening at hotel Leela Palace in Delhi. The entire cricket team was expected to attend his wedding including some bollywood celebs too. Moreover, since Raina has been playing for the domestic teams of UP, his UP teammates were also invited.

Top high-profile personalities including top politicians of UP, PM Narendra Modi and many more have been invited by Raina family. Assumptions are still on for captain Dhoni’s presence at the event, whereas vice captain Virat Kohli was already noted in capital with his love-lady and film actress Anushka Sharma. As per official sources, PM Narendra Modi has sent blessings to the couple.

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