nandita das tweet #nanditasaysquotes

#NanditaDasQuotes Every Man Is A ‘Potential Rapist’

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Entire India is set on fire after the ludicrous remark by Bollywood actress turned social activist, Nandita Das. Tweeps started giving a backlash to her via twitter in a hilarious and satirical way. In fact, last two days #NanditaDasQuotes hashtag has become a trending topic on the twitter in India for all wrong reason. We are not even sure how it all started but somehow the #NanditaDasQuotes became a trending topic on twitter. Nandita was on a wrong side of the receiving and being quoted on all the leading media house. She is a women’s right activist and has indulged in many campaigns for the empowerment of the women.

nandita das tweet #nanditasaysquotes

We are living in a era no one is really bothered about checking the fact. No one knows the origin of the statement or where and when she said, “Every man is a potential rapist”. However, tweeps were quick enough to express their views regarding this. Bollywood actresses are trending on twitter due to wrong reasons. First, Dipika Padukone received huge backlash on her #MyChoice video where she openly encourage extra marital affair and sex with other people outside the marriage. Immediately, few videos were produced by a men to counter attack her statement given in the Vogue India. Actress Nandita Das even went on the twitter denying the fact that she has never said anything like this.

#NanditaDasQuotes on Twitter We still do not know whom to trust. Nonetheless, let us cover some of the brutally honest opinion of the twitter on #NanditaDasQuotes hashtag. We hope you will take it in a positive manner. In many cases, women empowerment often leads to a wrong accusation on men. There are tons of cases where men are victim but due to strict women laws they feel suffocated and being suppressed. Let your voice heard. Let the women know that not every men is a potential rapist. Generalising all the men as a rapist is wrong. We could be idol father, obedient son, caring husband, admirable brother and a good friend.  

Would you like to raise your voice against such stupidity? If yes, then hop on to twitter and tweet with #NanditaDasQuotes hashtag and let the world hear your voice. We would like to feature you here. Comment either below or send us your tweet and we will try to include your tweet here.

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