Signs and Symptoms of a Gas Leak


One of the most important things about the safety of your homes is that you need to ensure that everything is working properly and that there is no kind of safety hazards anywhere. One such thing which some of the people unfortunately face is the vulnerability to the gas leaks and hazards as such who blow up open in apartments and flats, leaving you prone to life-threatening situations.

One of the most combustible gases is the natural gas which means that it can produce a lot of heat when it is burnt in small amounts. A natural gas leak can also increase the risk of explosion as it spreads quickly and goes up into the flame easily. In case you have a leak in your house, an electrical spark is enough to ignite the combustion.

It is quite important to know about the signs and symptoms of a gas leak. You need to be educated about gas leaks as it is quite dangerous. A leak can also be fatal, so beware. In order to ensure that you are living safely using natural gas, be aware of the signs of the leak.

Here are some of the signs of a gas leak in and outside your homes:

Inside the Home

Smell – Natural gas is always delivered to the home with such an odor which is quite easier for you to detect. The smell is quite alike as that of a rotten egg odor and if you smell the same in your homes, it is a sign that you may have a gas leak at your home, something which you might want to deal with immediately.

Sound – Whenever a leak is happening, a hissing sound comes from the area around a gas appliance which is a major sign.

Outside the Home

Air – A gas leaks can also cause the dirt to be thrown into the air or the plants in order to be blown as if by a breeze. Air coming from the ground in your homes can be an easy sign for a gas leak and you need to deal with it immediately.

Bubble – A leak which occurs in a gas pipe can also cause bubbling at times in the moist areas around your homes.

Dying plants – Plant life near a gas leak always becomes sickly and is bound to die within a short period of time. Even when the plants can die due to different reasons, but the ones who die without any kind of obvious cause are certainly because of a gas leak.

Always check if fire coming from the ground or a flame which appears to burn above the ground. Also, try finding a dry spot in a moist field.

In case you find a gas leak or even suspect the same in or around your homes, just stay calm and stop what you are doing. Don’t turn on any of the electrical supplies and unplug everything. Inhaling high concentration of the same gas can also lead to asphyxia where your body is deprived of oxygen, and potentially lead to death. As soon as you are at a safe distance from your home, call your gas company to inspect the leak.

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