Spectre 007 Trailer

Spectre Teaser Trailer : Watch latest James Bond Trailer


Spectre Teaser Trailer

Watch Spectre Teaser Trailer of the 24th James Bond film produced by Eon Productions. Watch Daniel Craig in his fourth play as James Bond. The Spectre has also retained director Sam Mendes of Skyfall.

In this 24th James Bond movie after Skyfall, you will see James Bond being mysteriously approached with a message which lead him to follow a sinister organization called SPECTRE. Film revolves around James Bond’s venture to reach at the secret of SPECTRE.

See the Spectre Trailer here:

Trailer clearly shows Bond setting out to unveil a dark secret of sinister organization called SPECTRE – an organized group of criminals and terrorists.

Watch this Spectre Teaser Trailer and share with us how you liked it? True James Bond fans may get disappointed as there the trailer doesn’t give any hint of adventurous chases and gun barrel sequences often distinctive of Bond movies. A ring with a Spectre logo is also seen and an action is hinted only with a single gunshot at the end of the trailer. Lets wait to watch the movie for complete action as it is scheduled to release on 6th of Nov. 2015.

The previous James Bond SKYFALL was the biggest James Bond film till now which too starred David Craig as James Bond and also Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris and Ben Wishaw. Monica Bellucci plays Luicia Sciarra in Spectre and becomes the oldest actress of all James Bond girls till now.

Spectre 007 trailer released


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Let us know how you like the Trailer of Spectre 007 James Bond. Stay with us to watch trailers of upcoming movies. You may share your views in the comment section below after watching the Spectre trailer.

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