Uber like App for Taxi Dispatch


People living in metropolitan areas or cities find inconvenience to select quick and instant solutions for their day-to-day traveling. They either wait for buses or look for any other alternative. With the help of apps like Uber for Taxi Dispatch, users can book cabs as per their comfort. Within a few taps, passengers will get picked by drivers at their doorsteps.

Statista Facts & Data: The revenue in car segment rentals amounts to US$59,518, and it is expected to rise in the coming period. Creating the next Uber-like app will be a lucrative option for business owners. Business owners can earn a commission on every service delivered.

How does App Work?

The app is a technology platform used to connect driver-partners and passengers. Users can download the app and request for a ride. Whenever the nearest driver accepts the request, the app starts displaying the estimated time for the arrival. Passengers can track their journey through GPS and get the details of fare after the completion of the journey.

Similarly, drivers can download the app, register and get details related to passengers’ requests. Business owners can control and get insight related to their businesses through the business owner app.

Uber like Layout of the App

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Customer App

The front-end-panel of the app will let users operate the app, look for registered drivers, book for rides, track drivers and rate their experiences. The app has easy-to-use options and an intuitive interface. In this way, users can opt for any service anywhere at any time.


Advanced Search: Passengers can search and choose the nearest drivers. Further, users can filter and choose the desired service among different availabilities.

Book Rides: Android & iOS users can easily book rides on their phones. They can request for any service instantly or schedule for later.

Instant Alert: Users will get notified about the status of trips through the notification alerts.

One-touch Communication: Passengers can know their drivers and interact with them through one-touch communication.

Ratings & Reviews: Passengers can rate their rides, add reviews and help you to improve your taxi business.

Inbuilt Navigation System: Passengers can track the location of drivers through the inbuilt navigation system before and during the journey. They can check whether they are on the right track through GPS.

Integrated Payment Platform: Passengers can pay online through multiple payment gateways like third-party gateways, credit card, debit card, etc.

Referrals: Loyalty programs will increase customers’ acquisition.

Driver App

Drivers possessing cars can register, create their profiles and earn revenue through the help of the driver app.


Real-time Requests: Drivers can check and manage rides through instant or real-time requests.

Toggle: Drivers, as per their schedules and availabilities, can mark their online or offline presence.

Rides Info: Service providers can get details related to passengers, pick-up location, etc.

Mark Trip: Drivers can easily mark the start and end of the trip.

In-app Navigation: The in-app navigation will provide the shortest route for the drop location.

Earnings: Drivers can get updates related to their daily earnings directly from the driver’s app.

The layout of the Dispatcher Dashboard

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The dispatcher dashboard is exclusively for managing the business functions and gaining insight into business details. Check out the following features of the dispatcher dashboard.

Manage Bookings: Owners can check and manage all taxi dispatch requests.

Manage Service Providers: Manage and allot tasks to different drivers as per their availabilities.

Manage Users: Owners can evaluate customers’ profile, requests & queries related to different passengers.

On-demand Tracking: Track drivers at any time and any place, and get real-time updates of the location or You can use where am I right now to advise the driver your exact location.

Cost Calculator: Give the exact estimate of the cost related to every ride, and control high demand through dynamic pricing.

Admin Panel

The dashboard is an important part of the Uber-like App. The dashboard features different tools for the management of the app. The admin can amend changes through customizable features and introduce referrals for marketing.

Advanced Control: Allot work and manage different users of the dispatch system. The automated platform will help in easy management and gain control.

Analytics Tool: Get insight into the business, and find out the weak and strong areas. Make your decision based on the statistics for better growth of the business.

Set Price: Fix price based on distance, location, vehicles and other parameters. Furthermore, set commissions, drivers payouts, and gain control on the payment platform.

Manage Fleet: Add or remove new types of fleets as per your requirements.

The Structure of the App

Responsive Web Design: The responsive web design will adjust itself on a variety of devices and screen sizes. For example, it can work on multiple devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

White Label App: Sell your products & services to other companies without the need for branding.

Intuitive Interface: The easy-to-use options and contemporary outlook will increase the customers’ retention rate. 

Organized Interface: Multiple options are organized so that users can easily understand and choose the desired option.

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