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Finally, Aamir Khan’s unreleased film will be aired on the television exclusive, on June 8th 2014 at 8pm on ‘& pictures’, a Zee Entertainment Hindi movie channel. The name of the film is not yet announced. This film has been unreleased for years and, is based on real life story. In addition, Aamir Khan states that this film is quite close to his heart. The movie was made with a team of newcomers. It will not longer be an unreleased movie, as it is going to be released on TV. It is believed that this movie is very close to the heart of Amir Khan and he is promoting the movie like anything.

Aamir Khan has stated that this unreleased film is full of action, drama, tragedy, dreams and love. What’s more, to spark the interest of the viewers, Zee Entertainment and Aamir Khan have decided to make the Mr. Perfectionist answer live call-ins and responding to the various questions of the audience during breaks.

watch amir khan's unreleased film

Aamir Khan’s Unreleased Film

In addition, the channel is providing an opportunity for the lucky winners across India to watch the unreleased film with the actor, Aamir Khan, himself. You will get to see Mr. Perfectionist, interacting with the audience and ask them for their feedback about the movie.

The best part about this unreleased film, is that unlike other Bollywood fictional films, this film is based on real life story and will make evident Aamir Khan’s hard work and dedication towards it. Aamir Khan first appeared on the screen at the age of eight in the film, ‘Yaadon Ki Baarat’ and then won the hearts of all with his ‘Qayamat se Qayamat Tak’, that was released in 1988 in which he starred opposite Juhi Chawla. After the success of his first film as an actor, he started gaining huge success and became a favorite of many. He has also hosted a couple of TV shows like Satyamev Jayate, which is a talk show based on real life.

Watch Amir Khan’s Unreleased Movie

The movie will be played on ‘& pictures’ channel by Zee group. It will be aired at 8PM on 8th June 2014. Unfortunately, we do not have any confirmation of this show being broadcasted live online. Rest assured! We will provide you a link to wacth Amir Khan’s unreleased movie online on some legal channel.

We have seen Aamir playing almost all the roles from a comedian actor to an emotional person. So, all the Aamir Khan fans, get set to watch the serious and dedicated Aamir Khan for the first time in his unreleased film, to be broadcasted on this Sunday at 8pm. Who knows, you might be the lucky one, watching the movie with the actor himself with a bagful of popcorns.

In case, if you are already aware of the channel doing live streaming of Amir Khan’s unreleased film, then you can let us know via the comment section below. We appreciate such gesture. It will help entire community to watch the movie online.

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