cricket world cup 2015 final live

Watch ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Final Live Online

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The gentleman’s game, which takes place every 4 years, is about to end. The world cup winner will enjoy the VIP status for next four years. The mother of all cricket matches is reaching its destination. Last time, India won the world cup in 2011. Unfortunately, they will not be able to retain their title due to their poor performance in the league matches. Previously, we did provide the cricket world cup 2015 schedule. Hopefully, you already know when the final is being played. If not, then we recommend checking the world cup schedule article. 14 teams fought hard to earn their spot in the semi-finals and finals. In case, if you are interested in watching ICC cricket world cup 2015 final live online, then you can check out the links given in the article. There are many other unofficial channels, but we are restricting ourselves to the official channels only.

cricket world cup 2015 final live

ICC world cup final live 2015

Star sports in India is broadcasting the ICC cricket world cup 2015 live. You can either watch it live on your TV or you can check their official website to see the live streaming. Channel 9 is providing the live streaming in the Australia. Unfortunately, start sports is charging around Rs. 120 for the live streaming of all the 53 matches. This is the reason why you might consider buying the package from the official website of

. Few channels are geo-restricted, so we recommend checking out some VPN service with appropriate IP address to watch the world cup 2015 live online.

How to watch world cup 2015 final live in India

As mentioned before, start sports is providing live streaming on the internet. You have to pay Rs. 120 to watch all the matches. You can even watch final of cricket world cup 2015 online on your mobile through their official app. Once again, the app is not providing free streaming. Fortunately, Doordarshan is providing FREE streaming of all the matches. You can check the live TV on Doordarshan.

There are various other channels like Foxsports, ESPN, Ten sports etc are covering the matches. Additionally, you can always check live score for free on most of the news channels of your country.

Unofficial channels

Due to popular demand, we have decided to provide some unofficial channels that is providing a live streaming of cricket world cup 2015 live. Beware, most of the sites are stuffed with tons of advertisement, so we recommend not to download or install any app you see on those website. Channels like,,, are providing live streaming for free.

If you are interested in catching all the cricket matches live online for free, then above channels are really good. There are already some live streaming channel for cricket world cup 2015 covered here. If you have some more channels to share with our readers, then let us know in the comment section below. New Zealand, Australia, England and South Africa are the best contender for the world cup. Since the matches are being played in bowler friendly condition, sub-continent teams have no chance to win the match. Australia has strongest team among all and they have won several world cup in the past.

Who do you think win this world cup? Let us know in the comment section below.

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