5 Tips To Design A Presentation That Will Leave Your Audience Hooked


All of us have worked on a powerpoint presentation. A presentation is a very powerful tool. It is a standard method where one can sell a product or a thought process in a business environment.

The use of PPT is not limited to just education. An effective presentation also helps people in the business field. It does so by training the concerned people to communicate with clients, stakeholders and so on.

Therefore it is crucial to make a powerful presentation which will leave our audience hooked. The presentation should have an impact on the audience. It should convey the message/data in such a manner that people take it with them.

So to help one design a stellar presentation, below are 5 tips:

Create and maintain a slide library

This step talks about removing the redundancy. Why should one create or work on a topic already created by someone in the organization? The idea is to have a central place or library using the presentation management tool. Here you can store all the slides and presentation created with the last updated date. It will not only help in reducing redundant work but would let you complete the work on time. You can search for the content they are looking for in the library. Also, you can update or save accordingly.

Include videos and multimedia content

Videos are a great way of attracting an audience. It keeps them hooked to what we are saying. One should include videos in their presentation as they speak louder than bullet points and texts.

Ask your audience questions

Asking questions to the audience is another way of engaging them in what one is trying to convey through the presentation. It not only involves the audience but also gives us an opportunity to catch their attention and to communicate the thought.

Pause during the remote presentation

Taking pause is an important point to keep in mind when one is doing a remote presentation. It is difficult to understand whether the audience is able to grasp whatever we are presenting to them remotely. That is why: it is imperative to include some details. Like having enough time in our presentation to take a pause, gauge understanding of the audience and ask them questions.

Avoid putting too much content on the slide

Putting too much content on the slide can also handicap the presenter. Either it will lead to the presenter reading from the slide which is not liked by the audience. Or it could be that the audience read the content before the presenter is able to present them. A presentation is powerful when the presenter’s voice give context to the content. Therefore one should avoid putting too much content or speaker notes on presentation. If you don’t want to start everything from scratch, you can use Canva presentation maker tool. The tool helps you with pre-designed presentation templates that require minimum designing efforts.

I hope these points help you make and deliver a successful presentation. A confident person can pull off anything, but it is crucial to have the data and presentation accurate too.

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