designer mehndi for hands

Bridal Mehndi Designs: Best Mehndi Collection for Hands and Leg

We introduce you to some stunning Bridal Mehndi Designs to deck up your hands for the grand occasion of wedding. Indian culture has a tradition of lavish weddings and they are quite elaborate and rich with various rituals. Wedding ceremonies are considered the most grand celebration and calls for perfection and extravagance in all its […]

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black mehndi designs

Inspiring Black Mehndi Designs Ideas and Collection

Mehndi or Henna is a very popular custom among women folk of many Asian Countries. It holds equal importance in Islamic as well as Hindu weddings and occasions. Generally the color of Mehndi prepared from the shrub Mehndi is red brownish to dark red. However the Black Mehndi Designs, as the name suggests are done […]

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arabic mehendi design

Arabic Mehndi Designs- Best Mehendi Designs of 2015

Mehndi is an integral part of bridal make-up even in modern times though the tradition of Mehndi or Henna is over 5000 years old. Varieties of patterns or style are followed in the art of Mehndi i.e. traditional Indian, Arabic, Pakistani and African. Beside the traditional Indian designs, Arabic Mehndi designs are most adapted and […]

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Inspiring mehndi designs

Inspiring collection of Mehndi Designs

The term ‘Mehndi’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Mendhika’. Decorating the hands with traditional Mehndi designs is popular in many Asian countries including India. These, Mehndi designs are used as a temporary tattoo or skin decoration. The Mughals introduced these designs to India in the 12th century. Mehndi is a small shrub whose leaves […]

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Peacock Rangoli design

What is Rangoli? History and Importance of Rangoli

Rangoli, which means a row of colors or layer of colors, is a traditional Indian form of art where women decorate the entrance of their houses early in the morning, especially during the Diwali festival. Rangoli designs competition is often held time to time in different regions of India. These designs are created using the […]

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