Inspiring mehndi designs

Inspiring collection of Mehndi Designs


The term ‘Mehndi’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Mendhika’. Decorating the hands with traditional Mehndi designs is popular in many Asian countries including India. These, Mehndi designs are used as a temporary tattoo or skin decoration. The Mughals introduced these designs to India in the 12th century.

Mehndi is a small shrub whose leaves are used to prepare henna. Mehndi designs are applied to the palms, back of the hands and feet of women in India, during a special occasion, festivals, or weddings. Intricate Mehndi designs are applied to brides before their wedding. Mehndi designs can deck your hands and make them look superb and charming. These designs are made using henna paste mixed with water from a cone shaped tube.

Nowadays, Mehndi designs are applied without any reason. Though one reason is that it has a cooling effect, these designs are in vogue among young women. It enables them to illustrate their creativity among others. What’s more, Mehndi designs are becoming common in men too, nowadays. They are considered to bring good luck and prosperity in our life. It is believed that the darker the color of the Mehndi design on the hands of the bride, more love and attention, she would gain from her spouse.

Mehndi designs can be applied for full hands or only on the back of one’s hand. It can also be applied only on the palm. To make more creative Mehndi designs, you need to either be a professional or hire the same.

Application of Mehndi design is prevalent in the Hindu tradition when there is a wedding. You can also check our article on Rangoli designs. There is a night, dedicated specially to celebrate the pre-wedding ceremony magnificently, when the design is applied to the bride.  The name or an initial of the groom are, often times, hidden with the Mehndi design.

Mehndi designs will always remain a trend, as it is a way of expressing the feelings for the event and makes a woman complete. We do not want you to waste your time browsing over locales to get the best and beautiful Mehndi designs, so for your reference; we are providing you with a few designs, suitable for any occasion.

Top 8 Mehndi Designs

Floral designs:

Floral Mehndi Design

This Mehndi design is simply attractive to the eye. Flowers are a part of nature. To give the tattoo a more natural look, you can opt to pick this beautiful design. This is a common pick among women during festivals. It will give the design a dazzling look and make you feel on the top of the world.

Wrist design:

Wrist Mehndi Design

This beautiful Mehndi design is as easy as a pie and you can make use of it when you are not wearing any ornaments on your hands. It would give an outrageous look to your wrist. Women who do not like heavy designs prefer to use this one. Though it looks simple, it is quite fascinating.

Backhand design:

Backhand design

You do not need to be a professional to make this design.Anyone can make this beautiful Mehndi design. Though it looks very simple with flowers, it can be designed, in a short span of time and looks cool.

Arabic Mehndi designs:

Arabic Mehndi Design

Nowadays, these designs are becoming a trend. From flowers, to free hand art, these designs are in demand and many saloons hire professionals to make such beautiful designs. They look intricate and sophisticated.

Easy designs for beginners:

Easy Design

This design is recommended for college going students or those women who have never applied Mehndi on their hands. It looks traditional as well as magnificent and does not consume much time in applying. You can apply this design for any function.

Bangle design:

Bangle Mehndi Design

This Mehndi design is the perfect choice for women who do not like to wear bangles. It acts as a substitute to bangles and looks graceful. College going and unmarried girls can opt for this design. It will not make your hand look empty.

Peacock Mehndi design:

Peacock Mehndi design

This design is an Arabic style of Mehndi design and looks simply awesome. The peacock made in this design looks adorable. To make such a beautiful Mehndi design, you would need a professional, rather than taking a chance.

Bridal design:

Bridal Design

This design is the perfect one for a bride. It looks sophisticated and pleasant and is not so typical. It is not mandatory to apply this only for your wedding; you can try this beautiful Mehndi design for any occasion. Try making this design with red mehndi, to make it look elegant.

These are a few of the best and beautiful Mehndi designs, which we have listed for you. You can make these designs for any occasion and amaze your family and friends. Use these exclusive mehndi designs that will make others compliment you for this fine bit of artistry. So, which one have you chosen?

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