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Inspiring Black Mehndi Designs Ideas and Collection


Mehndi or Henna is a very popular custom among women folk of many Asian Countries. It holds equal importance in Islamic as well as Hindu weddings and occasions. Generally the color of Mehndi prepared from the shrub Mehndi is red brownish to dark red. However the Black Mehndi Designs, as the name suggests are done with the special mixture of Mehndi and other chemical or dye which produces darker brown color and stays for longer period compared to the general reddish brown. Black Mehndi used for Black Mehndi Designs is also known as Chemical Mehndi. In recent times, such designs have become very famous among the youngsters. You’d often find such designers in mall or on the beach side in Goa, Mumbai and other places. Even, there is a trend to use such color during the wedding as it looks stunning on a fair skin. Also some of the chemical mehndi are innocent and doesn’t seem to hurt the body in anyway.

Black Mehndi is generally used for outlines and also as fillers and shades along with other color or the original Red Brown Mehndi. This creates dual color effect and adds a richness of contrast effect to the routine single colored Designs. In fact, the black mehndi Designs create synergy effect for Hands when used in combination with other colors like red or brown. In face, you’d find some of the best combination of both black and red mehndi designs over here. However, sometimes Black Mehndi alone is also used to adorn the hands. Black Mehndi Designs came into vogue with introduction of Arabic Mehndi Designs in India as the Arabic Mehndi Designs promote use of prominent Borders, Outlines and different colors.

You will enjoy the below collection of the black mehendi designs and we are sure these darker decorations will attract you to glam up your hands with it for both traditional as well as casual occasions.

Black Mehndi Designs for Hands – (Front Hands and Back Hands)

1. This one is the simplest black mehndi design you can use for casual wear and can also sport in routine to college or office. It takes no fuss and much time and hence best suits to adorn hands instantly. Black mehndi is solely used to adorn the backhand. Some more interesting designs ideas for mehndi on hands are given here.

black mehndi design for hand

2. This design clearly shows how beautiful an effect a black color can create when used along with sharply contrasting red color. Surely it is a best design to wear for weddings and engagements. You can also use it if you are a bride to be as the prominent use of red color emphasizes the design.

black and red menhdi combo

3. This design is the Arabic one but like the earlier it too reiterates the use of Black Mehndi in combination with other color. The lovely effect created by pretty black outlines is too beautiful and will surely allure you to try it for any occasion.

black and white mehendi design for hands

4. These designs are completely using only Black Mehndi and follow the Arabic pattern. Though easy and less intricate, will look gorgeous for traditional events as well as casual events.

full hand black mehndi design
5. This design is perfect to follow when you want to give your hands a sharper look. Though simple, but modern black mehndi designs like this is generally awe your friends and family members. The design given here requires a sharp art skill and could take few hours to do perfectly on the hand, you can flaunt it for any occasion. The predominant use of Black Mehndi stands out in the motifs of flowers and leaves.

beautifully designed black mehndi for bridal

6. The Black Mehndi Designs here follow Arabic pattern and add dots to beautify the bare space on hands. These designs look elegant for front as well as back hands. These designa will perhaps explain you why the Black Henna Designs are becoming popular. Sharp Black Color gives a tattoo like look to the designs and the combination with other colors make the hands look beautiful even if the designs used are very simple and cover minimum space over hands.

arabic style black mehndi

7. Below is the Black Mehndi Design over arm to give have a different look from the usual back hand and front hand designs. You can sport a novel look in casual events like parties as well as wedding ceremonies with this design.

black mehndi on back side of hand

Black Mehndi Designs for Feet

1. This is the best example of Black Mehndi decorating feet. The dark color of Black Mehndi Design is intelligently contrasted against the use of less dark nail paints. It uses the traditional motifs of peacock and flowers over the feet and toes too. In some case, you could use ready-made available designs, otherwise be prepared to spend few hours with your designer. See the details of the design and how it is done. Without chemical color, it would have not been possible to get such a clear design.

black mehndi design for foot

2. Though Black Mehndi Designs are usually free flowing and less intricate, here are two unusual Heavy Black Mehndi Designs you will like for your bridal occasion. Extravagant colors of Mehndi and Nail paints are perfect for grand occasions. It looks more or less like a jewellery printed on your feet. Such designs could cost you few thousands rupees in metro city. A master piece indeed!

black mehndi design for feet

3. The use of Black Mehndi Designs in combination with other color can make the feet look equally adorable as Hands. The beautiful circular floral above ankles will decorate your feet even without use of feet jewelry like anklets. Simple but stunning design. Speaking of simple, there are some really nice mehndi designs collected in our previous article.

black and red mehendi design on leg

3. The motifs used in this Black Mehndi Design matches the sharpness of the black Color. The nimble colored hues given in the floral motifs are very well tinted. The space used over feet for designing makes the Design stylish and unusual. Surely best for any event.

flower style mehndi design

Here is yet another stylish and gorgeous free hand design. The Design truly highlights the darker color of Black Mehndi. Can be best suited to wear for casual events.

free hand mehndi design idea

The collection comprises the best Black Mehndi Designs and gives you access to the modern designs as you may like to opt for stylish designs over the traditional ones. We hope that you will find these awesome black mehndi designs collection interesting and inspiring enough to inspire you to leave a comment.

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