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Fast and Furious 7 Movie Review


Finally, Fast and Furious 7 release has put an end to anxious waiting of its fans. It was one of the most anticipated movie after the sudden demise of Paul Walker. The 7th part of the F&F movie series could very well be the last one. With all its hallmark furious race, exotic cars chases and hot chicks, Fast and furious movie series has always been a fun to watch. Above all, there is an emotional touch-up with the movie as star Paul Walker died in a car crash. All the previous movies in this series was a mega hit, but does the Fast and Furious 7 live upto the expectation? Would like to find it out?

Here is the review of movie so you know whether to go to your nearest theatre to watch it or not. In our personal option, the movie has sufficiently satisfied us and elated us as we watched it. The film also pays tribute to its star Paul Walker whose tragic death in a car crash shook the showbiz world back then. The movie is dedicated to Paul Walker very beautifully as it interweaves the death of a comrade in the plot and depicts it very sternly. This film is a must-watch and will be a not-to-forget for real Paul Walker’s fans.

Fast and Furious 7

The 7th edition of Fast & Furious is directed by noted director James Wan. Another feature the movie holds is its ridiculous one-liners applauded by fans while it also holds jaw dropping stunts and muscle cars. The movie has a beautiful car stunt of skydiving their cars to land on the mountain road by Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson.

Fast & Furious 7 can be said one of the hottest edition. Lets take a look at the storyline which goes bit out of way to its prequels. Diesel (Dominic), Paul Walker (Brian), Rodriguez (Letty), Gibson (Roman), and Ludacris (Tej) set off at the tip by Russel (Frank) to get hold of a device named ‘God’s Eye’ which is crafted by a hacker Ramsey. Hunting down the terrorist to get hold of the device gets through with all kind of stunts of car skydiving, sporting at skyscrapers by Dom with Lykan, bomb explosions as well as fist fights.

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Fast and furious movie reivew

Fast and Furious 7 carries everything that its fans watch it for but above all, the epicentre of the movie remains Paul Walkner’s loss which seems to be looming over the movie through out.

The movie Fast and Furious is released in English, Telugu, Hindi as well as Tamil language across India. Watch the final Fast and Furious episode of Paulk Walkner and comment on our review. The movie is all to entertain and it easily overcomes whatever minute weakness it has due to its dramatic stunts and heart rending tribute it pays to Paul Walkner. Your comments are welcome.

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