Find out the Ways Sleeping on Bad Mattresses Could Adversely Impact Your Health


When you wake up with muscle soreness and frustration, you may be misled into believing that you are suffering from depression. However, these could be the signs that you need to change your mattress as it seems to be the cause of all agony. Unfortunately, many of you firmly believe that mattresses are to be used forever. But the hard reality is that mattresses need to be replaced every eight years to avoid serious health implications.

We know that a night’s incomplete sleep or disturbed sleep could cause headaches, drowsiness, fatigue and many other short-term effects. However, long-term health implications of experiencing a low-quality sleep on a bad mattress actually develop over a longer period of time. Right from the weakening of your immune system to respiratory and weight issues, sleeping on a bad mattress could trigger a broad spectrum of negative health effects.

You know that your mattress would be playing a pivotal role in making you fall asleep and even stay asleep. A bad mattress is one that is the wrong choice for you as it does not cater to your individualized requirements. A mattress which is excessively supportive, over soft, too firm, or simply uncomfortable could prevent you from enjoying high-quality sleep that is vital for maintaining good health and boosting fitness and overall well-being. Here are some health hazards of sleeping on a bad mattress.

Throat Irritation & Lung Issues

As per, “As the mattress gets older, it stores a lot of dust particles and similar nuances. There is a lifespan to everything and it is assumed by many people that a mattress is a lifetime investment. However, the dust stored or attracted can lead to irritation in lungs and throat sufficient to cause several respiratory problems.” Dust mites could trigger a number of respiratory issues and allergic reactions. Your asthma symptoms could worsen if you sleep on an old mattress infested by these harmful microscopic organisms. You may develop skin infections like eczema. Moreover, exposure to an old mattress may cause a sore throat. You must replace your old pillows and mattresses at regular intervals of seven to eight years.

Weak Immune System

You must have felt sick after spending a sleepless night on a bad mattress. Whenever you fail to fulfill your daily quota of sleep, which is at least, 8 hours of sound sleep, you tend to feel unwell as your immune system is weakened and becomes susceptible to illnesses. Right from the common cold to fevers, a weak and compromised immune system may trigger a host of other serious diseases. You could effectively combat serious illnesses by sleeping on a firm and supportive mattress at night that promises excellent sleep. However, you must always read real mattress reviews online to know smart mattress solutions.

Heart Conditions

If you are sleeping on a bad mattress that does not help in securing quality sleep, it may have an adverse impact on your cardiac health. As per the latest statistics from a European Heart Journal, we understand that short sleepers usually encounter really high, around 48 percent chances of developing heart issues. That seems to be a significant amount. If you experience insufficient or poor quality sleep, it may lead to heart issues. Moreover, incomplete or lack of adequate sleep may heighten the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. The best way of combating these health risks is to get your bad mattress replaced at the earliest and get an extra hour of sleep every day to pay down the sleep debt.


Not getting proper sleep is certainly not good for your health. Poor sleep may not only mean fatigue and depression but it also places you in such a situation that is truly detrimental to both your physical and mental health. Investing in a mattress is certainly a good idea if you wish to lead a healthier and happier life.


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