Some Frequently Asked Questions about Crib Mattress & Child’s Health


Babies and children need sound sleep at night. Your child is growing constantly both physically and mentally. During the night, your kid’s brain assimilates everything that has been learned during the entire day. The period when a baby is sleeping soundly at night is the time when he is experiencing the most rapid growth. Therefore, you must choose the best mattress for your child so that he could get a restorative sleep at night.

As per, “Selecting a mattress for a child requires different considerations as buying an adult’s bed. For one, growth is a major factor. A child could double in height and/or bodyweight by the time he or she reaches their teenage years, outgrowing their mattress in the process. Mattress support and pressure relief are also key for children, particularly those that develop growing pains during early adolescence.” Some other important factors while choosing the best mattress are bed thickness, material composition, and temperature neutrality.

Here are some frequently asked questions with answers from experts to guide you in choosing the right crib mattress for your child.

Is it important to buy a crib mattress for my baby?

Soon-to-be parents are thrilled about the impending addition to their family and they spend months in finding the perfect crib along with the comfiest and cutest bedding. You need to choose a crib mattress with utmost care as 70 percent of an infant’s growth and overall development would take place on a mattress.  Moreover, a toddler would be spending 50 percent of his time on his crib mattress. Since a child would be spending the initial three to almost five years of his life playing and sleeping on his crib mattress. So buying a perfect and a high-quality crib mattress for your child is the right decision.

How could you determine the quality of a foam mattress?

You need to consider the following three qualities while choosing the right foam crib mattress.

The Mattress Weight: Usually, the heavier foam mattresses tend to be the better mattress.

Firmness: Most medical professionals recommend a firm mattress for your baby’s utmost growth and comfort.

Brand: You may choose one of the reputed brands. Do research to find out more about the actual crib mattress producer, not simply the label.

Does good sleep imply a boost in learning?

Yes, good sleep boosts learning. A baby looks peaceful while sleeping but his brain seems to be actively working and busy all night. As per Columbia University Medical Center research, newborns actually learn while sleeping. If a baby gets sound sleep thanks to a comfortable mattress, there is a definite boost in his sleep learning capabilities. Sleep is known to aid learning in children across all age groups and today, neuroscientists and education experts are recommending naps as they are particularly, magical in boosting learning.

Why are crib mattresses so hard?

For infants, their mattress is certainly much more than simply a sleeping surface. A mattress is the development and growth center for an infant and he would be spending around 70 percent of his day on his crib. The firm mattress is important for utmost comfort while the baby is sleeping. The mattress firmness ensures the safety of the infant when he becomes more active and starts turning or pushing up or even standing in the crib. It is important to have a firm base for providing the resistance required for developing and fortifying the baby’s muscles.


Most crib mattresses could last for 8 to 10 years. You must regularly flip and rotate the crib mattress every six months. That would ensure restful sleep and the utmost comfort for your little one.

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