How can mobile be your best friend during UPSC preparation


Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily life. It has substantially changed the way we interact with our surroundings. Be it shopping, traveling, entertainment etc. everything is just a click away.

In the same way, smartphones have also changed the way students are accessing education services. 24X7 internet and easy availability of smartphone have made it one of the most preferred ways to prepare for competitive exams. The wide reach and penetration of smartphones have made millions of students from small town and villages to avail quality education services and so more and more service provider are making it easy to use smartphones for exam preparation.

Similarly, the aspirants are also using smartphones for UPSC preparation. So let’s see how it can be used wisely and in a positive manner.


 1. To keep yourself updated about current affairs

Smartphones can be used to read daily news and current affair sites to keep yourself updated on all the latest happenings.  This will help in general studies preparation for both prelims as well as mains stage of the exam. Some of the apps that must be installed in a UPSC aspirant’s phone are

  • PIB
  • The Hindu
  • The Indian Express


2. Accessibility of Study materials

Study material has always been a cause of worry for UPSC aspirants, particularly students preparing from their hometown or remote places. There are many apps and websites, which provide quality study materials free. Some of the apps and website that are worth mentioning are

  • Constitution
  • NCERT Books
  • Previous years papers
  • UPSC preparation websites

Study material can also be purchased using online shopping and can be delivered to your doorstep. Thus technology has removed any wedge between you and your counterpart preparing from coaching hubs.

3. Daily quiz practice

Daily reading coupled with quiz practice helps in retention of the topic studied. This way you can also check your level of understanding of a given topic. Doing daily practice helps build a knowledge base and helps immensely in the prelims stage of the exam. Smartphones can be easily used for daily quiz practice by using the relevant apps as per your requirement. Devoting only five to ten minutes in such quizzes can be quit useful.

4. Digital notes

Smartphones can also be effectively used for making digital notes. These notes can be seamlessly accessed anywhere and in any device and so you can easily revise the study material any time and anywhere you find the time. Digital notes are particularly more beneficial to working people who can utilize there traveling time for studies. Digital notes save a lot of time as you just need to cut and paste relevant materials rather than writing it. Evernote is the best app to use for this purpose.

5. Group discussion

Facebook groups and what’s up groups can be used to indulge in group discussion and doubt resolution. But these need to be used cautiously and with an only small group of friends who have the same commitment and dedication towards the preparation of the UPSC exam. As many a time, people get involved in the useless debate and waste their time.

6. Educational Video

Many good quality educational videos can be availed by using youtube. These videos help in doubt resolution and developing clarity over the topics. Some of the useful YouTube channels that can assist your preparation are

  • Lok Sabha
  • Rajya Sabha
  • Justice Harvard Video
  • UGC

7. Meditation

Meditation is very useful for any UPSC CSE aspirant as it helps controlling stress, mood swing and also improves the concentration level. But still many find it difficult to practice meditation. Smartphones can be used to start meditation practice as there are apps which allow developing meditation practice in a playful manner. Some of the apps which can help are

  • Meditation game
  • Meditation music
  • Calm


With time, the mode of UPSC preparation is changing and aspirants are equally adapting fast with the changing trend, but still, the core preparation strategy and methods are same to successfully qualify the exam. You have to read from the authentic sources (NCERT Books and some Essential books), develop conceptual clarity, revise concept multiple times and practice writing skills.

Smartphones are tools which make your tasks a bit easier but using it wisely depends on you. Some people blame technology for their failure and others take advantage to achieve success. The decision is yours.


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