mehndi for hands

Simple Mehndi Designs for Hands


Mehndi word actually derived from Sanskrit word “Mehandika”.  Mehndi  is actually known as a natural dye made from the leaves and stem of the Henna. Mehndi look much pretty when it is applied in palm and feet. Mehndi  gives  rusty red pigment color which finally turn into dark chocolaty flavor. Here we have made collection of simple mehndi designs for teen girls, bride, kids and for special occasion like Karwa Chauth. Most of the times mehndi designs are done during the festival and a wedding season. Girls prefer to apply mehndi on hands, cheek, legs and back side. However, usually the mehndi is applied on the hands only. Our simple menhndi designs for hands has a collection of popular menhdi designs that can be applied easily on hands. A more comprehensive list is provided here

Mehndi  can be applied on hair for a glossy look and extra condition. Mehndi  is a natural  color dye so it has no side effects. Mehndi  is a Henna paste which is turned into cone shape and various kinds of mehndi designs applied to palm,  feet and as a temporary tattoo on body too. Mehndi designs varies as per the occasions and festivals. Presently various kinds of patterns and designs are available in Mehndi like Arabic, Pakistani, Rajasthani and many more according to their knowledge of art. Indian women prefer to apply them on various occasions.  No matter whether you are looking for a design ideas for marriage or some other occasions, we have provided a comprehensive list that will provide you all sort of design ideas. Of course, you may not be able to use them all or you may need a help of an expert. Show this collection of mehendi designs for hands to them and ask them to design something as beautiful as mentioned here. With the marriage season right around the corner, we decided to help our women readers a bit.

Inspiring mehndi designs

Collection of Simple Mehndi Designs For Hands

Here we are giving collections of various mehndi designs for hands to be applied on palm as well as backside.

These designs are perfect for college functions and small get-togethers. It is a free hand mehndi art includes simple floral patterns, no intricate style has been used here. This pattern includes combination of two leaves and one dot is use to adorn the tips of fingers. The below mehndi design for hand is somewhat complex but you can master it easily within few days. More simple designs are available at the end of the article in the kids section. However, the below design should serve the purpose. It is a excellent example of an art. Such ideas are taken from the rangoli designs mentioned here.

mehndi for hands

mehndi for hands

Simple Bridal Mehndi Designs

It is an ancient belief  that the deeper of the imprint of the Henna leaves on the hands of the bride makes her husbands’ love and future more stronger. Indians also celebrates  special “Mehndi Ocassion” for bridal. Mehndi artists are specially called for to draw a special designs on the palm of  bridal.

latest mehndi design

bridal mehndi design for hands

The Most Special and Simple Mehndi for Karwa chauth

This isa  simple and sober design for women presented on picture.  Karwa Chauth is special day for married women. Women put fast on this day for his husbands’s long life. She celebrates this day as one occasion. Only after doing a pooja of moon in the evening  she sip a glass of water from his husband’s hand.

mehndi designs

mehndi designs for hands

Simple Mehndi Designs for Kids

Here we present for you the coolest and simple collection of mehndi designs for kids. Mostly mehndi is not popular only for women but children also like to draw design on their hands, for this reason only we present this mehndi designs. As we know Children are very artistic they like colors much.  They get delighted when they see designs printed on their hands.

mehndi designs for kids hands

mehndi designs for kids

mehndi designs for kids

Here we gave you various types of mehndi designs so you can get them designed with ease. However, we are planing to cover more designs very soon in the upcoming post. Overall, mehndi designs for hands are more popular in the India during the wedding or ring ceremony occasions. Some people also use it during diwali and new year occasions.

Would you like to share your mehndi designs ideas with us? We welcome you to provide article as a guest on our blog.

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