7 Myths About People With Tattoos


People with tattoos are awesome! With the rapidly growing population of tattoos, almost every person having one gets judged by seemingly intelligent and respectable people. It is because of the lack insight people have about why tattoos are done. Those who are inked are often the most outspoken, confident and kind people; most importantly, they sure do not judge people based on their appearance.

However, these are some of the most common myths people have about those with tattoos and this article will help break the stereotype by showing that most things are not how they seem.

If you have a tattoo, you know that these 7 are myths.
For the rest, now you will.

7 Myths About People With Tattoos-trendinindia

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1. Unconventional Way Of Life

Men and women with tattoos are regular folks just like everyone else in this world and they live normal lives and do normal things. Not all are criminals or gangsters! You will find people from all walks of life with tattoos because they are for all to choose irrespective of their social life. This misconception majorly came about because of the way it is portrayed in movies and soap operas.

   Unconventional Way Of Life-trendinindia

2. Attention Seekers

Tattoos can certainly grab people’s attention simply because they are tattoos. Every person has different tattoos, unique to themselves and interesting to the ones who see them. So, people inevitably notice tattoos and those who have it on them have no intention to grab attention. Many hours of pain and money spent isn’t to seek attention, but they are of personal significance, to remind and inspire to extents others may not understand.

Attention Seekers tattoos-trendinindia

 3. Unplanned Decision Makers

Unplanned Decision Makers tattoos-trendinindia

Having a tattoo doesn’t mean we make crazy decisions! There are a small number of people who don’t think much about going ahead with it, but the rest have it on their mind for months, thinking of the design, place and size. Of course, all understand that it last a lifetime and they wouldn’t take the risk of doing something oflittle or no significance. And, sometimes not all understand what the tat means. It is because they are something personal and have deep meanings. No clarity in a look doesn’t mean they are spontaneous; there is a lot of effort and thought put into the decision.

4. Convicts

1 of 8
1 of 8

There are a significant number of people who still assume that people with many tattoos and a serious look are ex-convicts or gangsters. This is totally a misconception! There are convicts who have tattoos, but that doesn’t make all with tattoos fall into this category.

 5. Un-employed

Most people wonder and often assume that people with tattoos don’t do regular jobs. They have skills and qualifications, not all judge based on the appearance. There are many high ranking officials, doctors, businesspeople, etc. who have a lot of tattoos, but still dress up normally and do their job just like anyone else. Because having a tattoo does not change their values, who they are and what they can do.

So, yes they do real jobs and live normal lives!

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 Un-employed tattoos-trendinindia

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6. Rebellious and Foul

A majority of people have a perception of inked people that is very close to foul-mouthed and rebellious. It again goes back to the reflect of the thought of them being gangsters and ex-convicts. Hence, the rash and tough assumption, that’s okay.

Good that you know now, right?

Rebellious and Foul tattoos-trendinindia

 7. Trashy and Low Class

Okay, one last delusion. I wonder from where the close relation of the lower class and tattoos came about, but like I said, that’s just a delusion.

Some respected and wealthy people with tattoos:

–   Theodore Roosevelt 26th President of the United States

–   David Beckham

–   Priyanka Chopra

–   Jen- Hsun Huang

 Trashy and Low Class tattoos-trendinindia

The negative stereotype of tattoos has spread wide and lead to many misconceptions and myths. The best place for all to get connected with each other is a tattoo community! A place where all tattoo enthusiasts can interact and those looking to get inked will find the right ideas and get inspired. There you will find people from all walks of life, understand the tattoo culture and break the myths that you probably believed.

Now, you can certainly see people with tattoos differently and not judge them based on appearance. Or else, make an effort.

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